Famous People Who Died in September 1864

  • Sep 4 John Hunt Morgan, American Confederate military leader of 'Morgan's Raiders', killed by Union troops at Greeneville at 39
  • Sep 15 John Hanning Speke, British explorer, the first European to reach Lake Victoria in east Africa, dies at 37
  • Sep 17 Walter Savage Landor, English poet and writer (Imaginary Conversations), dies at 89
  • Sep 19 Archibald Campbell Godwin, Confederate brigadier general, dies in battle
  • Sep 19 David Allen Russell, United States Army officer (Union), dies in battle at 43
  • Sep 19 Robert Emmet Rodes, American Civil War Confederate Army Major General, dies in battle at 35
  • Sep 23 Sandie [Alexander Swift] Pendleton, American Lieutenant Colonel (Confederate Army), dies at 23
  • Sep 29 Hiram Burnham, American Union army officer (Chancellorsville), dies in Battle of Chaffin's Farm at 49 or 50