Famous Deaths in April 1865

  • Apr 1 Giuditta Pasta, Italian soprano (b. 1797)
  • Apr 2 A. P. Hill, Confederate general, killed in action at 39
  • Apr 2 Richard Cobden, founder Anti-Corn-Law League, dies at 60
  • Apr 6 John Austin Wharton, US Confederate general-major, dies at 36
  • Apr 6 Reuben B Boston, US Confederate cavalery colonel, dies in battle
  • Apr 8 John Park, composer, dies at 61
  • Apr 9 Thomas Alfred Smyth, Irish/US Union general-major, dies at 32

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 15 Abraham Lincoln, 16th American President, dies from gunshot wounds at 56

US President Abraham Lincoln
US President
Abraham Lincoln
  • Apr 16 Robert C Tyler, US Confederate brigadier general, dies in battle
  • Apr 22 Francis Washburn, US Union colonel/gen major, dies of injuries
  • Apr 23 James Dearing, US Confederate brigadier general, dies at 24
  • Apr 26 Charles J Sax, Belgium musician and father of Adolphe Sax inventor of the saxophone, dies at 74

Person of interestPerson of Interest

Apr 26 John Wilkes Booth, American stage actor and assassin of US US President Abraham Lincoln, shot at 26 by Union soldier Boston Corbett

  • Apr 28 Samuel Cunard, Canadian-born British shipping magnate (b. 1787)
  • Apr 30 Robert Fitzroy, English admiral and meteorologist (b. 1805)