Famous People Who Died in November 1865

  • Nov 6 Thérèse Wartel, French pianist and composer, dies at 51
  • Nov 10 (Heinrich) "Henry" Wirz, Swiss American Confederate army officer (Commander of Camp Sumter prisoner-of-war facility), hanged after being found guilty of excessive cruelty at 41
  • Nov 12 Elizabeth Gaskell, English novelist (North and South), dies of a heart attack at 55
  • Nov 12 Preston King, U.S. Senator from New York (1857-63), dies at 59
  • Nov 17 James McCune Smith, African-American doctor and abolitionist, dies at 52
  • Nov 23 Josef Leopold Zvonař, Czech organist and composer, dies at 41
  • Nov 23 René E. de Russy, West Indian US brigadier general, dies at about 75
  • Nov 25 Heinrich Barth, German explorer, historian and geographer (Central Africa), dies at 44
  • Nov 29 Herman van Sonsbeeck, Dutch lawyer and statesman, dies at 69