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Famous People Who Died in May 1868

  • May 3 Olof Wilhelm Uddén, Swedish composer, dies at 68
  • May 7 Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux and Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, dies at 89
  • May 10 Henry Bennett, American politician (b. 1808)
  • May 14 John Newton Brown, American publisher and Baptist teacher, dies at 64
  • May 17 Isami Kondo, Shinsengumi Commander (b. 1834)
  • May 19 Benjamin Guinness, Irish brewer and philanthropist, dies at 69
  • May 22 Julius Plucker, German mathematician/physicist (formula of P), dies

Person of interestKit Carson

May 23 Kit Carson, American frontiersman, Indian fighter and army officer, dies of an aortic aneurysm at 58

Frontiersman Kit Carson
Kit Carson
  • May 26 Michael Barrett, Irish nationalist, last British public execution
  • May 29 Michael Obrenovich III, Prince of Serbia (b. 1823)
  • May 29 Levi Lincoln, Jr., American lawyer and 13th Governor of Massachusetts (1825-34), dies at 85