Famous People Who Died in May 1871

  • May 7 Louis-Joseph Papineau, Canadian political reformer (Patriote movement), dies at 84

John HerschelJohn Herschel (1792-1871)

May 11 English astronomer and photographer who invented the blueprint and catalogued southern hemisphere stars, dies at 79

  • May 12 Daniel François Esprit Auber, French opera composer (Fra Diavolo), dies at 89
  • May 12 John F. W. Herschel, British astronomer (Catalogue of Nebulae), dies at 79
  • May 24 Francisco Salvador Daniel, French composer, and ethno-musicologist, dies at 40
  • May 26 Aimé Maillart, French opera composer (Les Dragons de Villars), dies at 54