Famous People Who Died in September 1881

  • Sep 7 Sidney Lanier, American poet and composer, dies of tuberculosis at 39
  • Sep 8 Frederick, Prince of the Netherlands and general and large landowner (created Muskau Park), dies at 84

Ambrose Burnside

Sep 13 Ambrose Burnside, American soldier, industrialist and politician (Governor of Rhode Island, 1866-69) who popularized sideburns, dies of a heart attack at 57

James Garfield

Sep 19 James A. Garfield, 20th US President (Republican: 1881), dies of a gunshot wound at 49

  • Sep 22 Solomon L. Spink, U.S. Congressman from Illinois (b. 1831)
  • Sep 24 Luigi Ferdinando Casamorata, Italian composer, dies at 74