Famous People Who Died in August 1900

  • Aug 4 Isaac Levitan, Russian classical painter, dies at 39
  • Aug 5 James Augustine Healy, African American Roman Catholic bishop, dies at 80
  • Aug 6 Wilhelm Liebknecht, German socialist (Social Democratic Party), dies at 74

Thomas Elkins

Aug 10 Thomas Elkins, African American abolitionist and inventor who held patents for a type of furniture called the chamber commode and the Refrigerating Apparatus, dies at around 82 [1]

  • Aug 12 James Edward Keeler, American astronomer (rings of Saturn), dies at 42
  • Aug 12 Wilhelm Steinitz, Austrian World Chess Champion (1866-94), dies at 64

Collis P. Huntington

Aug 13 Collis P. Huntington, American business tycoon and railroad executive (Central Pacific Railroad, Southern Pacific Railroad), dies at 78

  • Aug 16 José Maria de Eça de Queirós, Portuguese writer, dies at 54
  • Aug 19 Jean-Baptiste Accolay, Belgian composer, dies at 67

Friedrich Nietzsche

Aug 25 Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher and philologist (Übermensch and the doctrine of eternal return), dies of a stroke due to syphilis at 55

  • Aug 25 Kuroda Kiyotaka, Japanese diplomat and politician (2nd Prime Minister of Japan, 1888-1889; President of the Privy Council, 1894-90), dies of a brain hemorrhage at 59
  • Aug 28 Henry Sidgwick, English philosopher (Women on University), dies at 62