Famous Deaths in February 1907

Person of interestDmitri Mendeleev

Feb 2 Dmitri Mendeleev, Russian chemist and inventor who devised the periodic table of the elements, dies at 72

Chemist and Inventor Dmitri Mendeleev
Chemist and Inventor
Dmitri Mendeleev
  • Feb 5 Ludwig Thuille, composer, dies at 45
  • Feb 8 Hendrik W Bakhuis Roozeboom, chemist (fasenleer), dies at 52
  • Feb 10 William Howard Russell, Irish war pioneering correspondent, dies at 87
  • Feb 11 Peter J Savelberg, Dutch Limbourg monastery founder, dies at 80
  • Feb 12 Muriel Robb, British tennis player (Wimbledon 1902), dies of lymphadenoma at 28
  • Feb 13 Marcel Bertrand, French mine engineer, dies at 59
  • Feb 16 Giosuè Carducci, Italian writer and Nobel Prize Laureate 1906 regarded as the official national poet of modern Italy, dies at 71
  • Feb 17 Henry Olcott, co-founder (Theosophical Society-Madras), dies
  • Feb 17 Henry Steel Olcott, American military officer and co-founder (Theosophical Society), dies at 74

Person of interestHenri Moissan

Feb 20 Henri Moissan, French chemist who isolated the element "fluorine" from its compounds (Nobel 1906), dies of appendicitis at 54

Chemist and Nobel Laureate Henri Moissan
Chemist and Nobel Laureate
Henri Moissan
  • Feb 24 Otto Goldschmidt, German composer, dies at 77