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Famous People Who Died in December 1910

Mary Baker Eddy

Dec 3 Mary Baker Eddy, American founder of the religious movement, Christian Science (Science & Health), dies at 89

  • Dec 8 George Doherty Johnston, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), dies at 78
  • Dec 10 Pablo Hernandez Salces, Spanish composer, dies at 76
  • Dec 29 Reginald "R.F." Doherty, British tennis player (Wimbledon 1897-1900), dies of neurasthenia at 38
  • Dec 31 John Moisant, American aviator (b. 1868)
  • Dec 31 Archibald Hoxsey, American pioneer aviator (worked for the Wright brothers), dies at 26
  • Dec 31 John Bevins Moisant, American pioneer aviator, first to cross English Channel with passenger and a cat, killed in New Orleans whose present day airport was originally name for him, dies at 42