Famous People Who Died in July 1926

  • Jul 2 Emile CouĂ©, French pharmacist (recovery by auto suggestion), dies
  • Jul 4 Pier Giorgio Frassati, Italian Saint (b. 1901)
  • Jul 12 Charles Wood, Irish composer, dies at 40

Gertrude BellGertrude Bell (1868-1926)

Jul 12 British archaeologist (Desert & The Sown), dies at 57

  • Jul 20 Felix Dzerzhinsky [Iron Felix, Bloody Felix], Soviet statesman, established and developed Soviet secret police (Cheka, forerunner to the KGB), dies at 48
  • Jul 26 Robert Todd Lincoln, American politician, lawyer, Captain (Union Army), diplomat, businessman, and son of President Abraham Lincoln, dies in his sleep at 82