On This Day

Famous People Who Died in February 1944

  • Feb 1 Martin Lunssens, Belgian composer, dies at 72

Piet Mondrian

Feb 1 Piet Mondrian, Dutch painter & theoretician (Composition in Blue), dies at 71

  • Feb 4 Yvette Guilbert, French singer and actress, dies at 79
  • Feb 4 Arsen Kotsoyev, Russian writer, dies at 72
  • Feb 5 Robert E. Park, American sociologist (human ecology, marginal man), dies at 79
  • Feb 7 Lina Cavalieri, Italian soprano (b. 1874)
  • Feb 10 Eugène Michel Antoniadi, Greek astronomer, a crater on Mars and the Antoniadi crater on the Moon were named in his honor (b. 1870)
  • Feb 11 Ivan Sollertinski, friend of Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich, dies
  • Feb 16 Edmund von Borck, German composer, dies fighting in Italy in WWII at 37
  • Feb 16 Bob Zurke [Boguslaw Zukowski], American jazz pianist, arranger, (Bob Crosby Orchestra), and composer ("Old Tom-Cat On The Keys"), dies of complications of pneumonia aggravated by acute alcohol poisoning at 32
  • Feb 17 Fausto Agnelli, Swiss painter, dies at 64
  • Feb 19 Siegfried Garibaldi Kallenberg, German composer, dies at 76
  • Feb 21 Ferenc Szisz, Hungarian auto racer (winner 1st Grand Prix motor racing event in Le Mans, France 1906), dies at 70
  • Feb 22 Kasturba Gandhi, Wife of Mahatma Gandhi, dies at 74

Leo Baekeland

Feb 23 Leo Baekeland, Belgian-American chemist and inventor (bakelite plastics), dies at 80

  • Feb 29 Pehr Evind Svinhufvud, President of Finland (b. 1861)