On This Day

Famous People Who Died in September 1951

  • Sep 1 Wols [Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze], German cartoonist and painter, dies at 38
  • Sep 3 Robert Hernried, Austrian born American composer and conductor, dies at 67
  • Sep 6 James W. Gerard, American jurist and diplomat, dies at 84
  • Sep 6 Joe Falcaro, American bowler (National Match Game champion 1929-33), dies at 55
  • Sep 7 María Montez [Vidal], Dominican actress known as The Queen of Technicolor (Cobra Woman, Arabian Nights), dies of heart seizure at 39
  • Sep 7 John French Sloan, American painter and etcher, dies at 80
  • Sep 8 Jürgen Stroop, SS General during World War II and commander of Nazi forces during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, executed by hanging for crimes against humanity at 56
  • Sep 9 Cecil Gray, Scottish composer and music critic, dies at 56
  • Sep 9 Gibson Gowland, British actor (Greed, Blind Husbands, The Phantom of the Opera), dies at 74
  • Sep 10 Giuseppe Mulè, Italian composer, dies at 66
  • Sep 14 Fritz Busch, German conductor, dies at 61
  • Sep 15 Jacinto Guerrero, Spanish musician and composer, dies at 56
  • Sep 17 Jimmy Yancey, American boogie-woogie jazz and blues pianist, dies (somewhere between 50 and 57 - birth year documentation uncertain)
  • Sep 17 Gelett Burgess, American humorist and author (The Purple Cow), dies at 85
  • Sep 24 Georges Rency, Belgian poet and literature, dies at 75
  • Sep 26 Hans Cloos, German geologist and pioneer in the study of granite tectonics (the deformation of crystalline rocks), dies at 65
  • Sep 29 Bradley Barker, American silent actor and film director, dies at 68
  • Sep 29 Thomas Cahill, American soccer coach and administrator (first coach US men's national team), dies at 86