On This Day

Famous People Who Died in November 1962

  • Nov 1 Wintter Haynes Watts, American composer, dies at 78
  • Nov 1 Ricardo Rodríguez, Mexican auto racer (youngest F1 driver ever to race for Ferrari), dies in practice accident at 20
  • Nov 2 Felice Lattuada, Italian composer and educator (Civica Scuola di Musica, Milan, 1935-62), dies at 80

Harlow Curtice

Nov 3 Harlow Curtice, President of General Motors (1953-8), dies at 69

  • Nov 11 Joseph Allen Jr, American actor (The Night Before the Divorce, Motor Madness), dies at 44
  • Nov 11 René Coty, French politician, President of France (1954-59), dies at 80
  • Nov 11 George Hoyt, American Basketball Hall of Fame referee (author "The Theory and Practice of Basketball Officiating"), dies at 79
  • Nov 12 Alexander Spitzmüller, Austrian composer, educator, radio broadcaster, and music critic, dies at 68
  • Nov 12 Sid Tomack, American actor (The Life of Riley, Adventures of Superman), dies from a heart ailment at 55
  • Nov 14 Manuel Gálvez, Argentine novelist (La maestra normal), dies at 80
  • Nov 17 Arthur Vining Davis, American industrialist and CEO (Alcoa-1910-57), dies at 95
  • Nov 18 Luc Haesaerts, Flemish art critic (Flandre), dies at 63

Niels Bohr

Nov 18 Niels Bohr, Danish physicist who expanded quantum physics (Nobel Prize 1922), dies at 77

  • Nov 20 Jasper McLevy, American politician (Socialist mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, 1933-57), dies at 84
  • Nov 23 Gloria Gordon, English actress (My Friend Irma), dies at 81
  • Nov 23 H. J. Friedericy, Dutch author (Last General), dies at 62
  • Nov 24 James J Kilroy, tank inspector (Kilroy was here), dies at 60
  • Nov 26 Albert Sarraut, French Radical politician, Prime Minister of France (1933 and 1936), dies at 90
  • Nov 29 Rav Aaron Kotler, Orthodox Talmudic scholar, dies in Lakewood, New Jersey