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Famous People Who Died in June 1966

  • Jun 1 Papa Jack Laine, American musician and pioneering bandleader, dies at 92
  • Jun 3 Alice Calhoun, actress (Flowing Gold, Between Friends), dies at 65
  • Jun 4 Blanche Knopf, American publisher, president of Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. and wife of publisher Alfred A. Knopf Sr., dies at 71
  • Jun 5 Natacha Rambova, costume designer, dies at 69
  • Jun 6 Claudette Orbison, wife of singer Roy, dies in a motorcyle crash
  • Jun 7 Jean Arp [Hans Arp], French-Swiss sculptor, artist and poet, dies at 78
  • Jun 8 Anton Melik, Slovenian geographer (b. 1890)

Person of interestJoseph A. Walker

Jun 8 Joseph A. Walker, WWII and NASA test pilot (1st space plane flights to edge of outerspace), dies in an Aircraft collision at 45

Experimental Physicist, Astronaut and NASA Test Pilot Joseph A. Walker
Experimental Physicist, Astronaut and NASA Test Pilot
Joseph A. Walker
  • Jun 11 Ethel Clayton, American actress (Warning Shadows), dies at 82
  • Jun 11 Wallace Ford [Samuel Jones Grundy], British actor (Freaks, Harvey, Spellbound, Deputy), dies of heart attack at 68
  • Jun 12 Hermann Scherchen, German conductor (Nature of Music), dies at 74
  • Jun 12 Thomas Chalmers, American opera singer, actor, and filmmaker (Blind Alleys, Outrage), dies at 81
  • Jun 19 Ed Wynn [Isaiah Edwin Leopold], American comedian (Ed Wynn Show), dies at 79
  • Jun 19 Marjan Kozina, Slovene composer, dies at 59
  • Jun 20 Georges LemaĆ®tre, Belgian Catholic Priest, astronomer and physics professor, who initially proposed the universe expansion and big-bang theories, dies at 71
  • Jun 21 Anthony Craxton, British TV producer, dies at 48
  • Jun 22 Roger Blunt MBE, New Zealand cricket all-rounder and broadcaster (9 Tests; BBC), dies at 65
  • Jun 27 Arthur D Waley [Schloss], British sinology/poet (Monkey), dies
  • Jun 29 Arthur Meulemans, Belgian composer, dies at 82
  • Jun 29 Isabel Dawn, American screenwriter, dies at 68
  • Jun 29 Ronald Shiner, British actor (Dry Rot, Carry on Admiral, Keep it Clean, Aunt Clara), dies at 63
  • Jun 30 Giuseppe Farina, Italian auto racer (World F1 champion 1950), dies in a domestic car accident at 59