Famous People Who Died in May 1968

  • May 1 Harold Nicolson, English diplomat and author (Good Behaviour), dies at 71
  • May 1 Jack Adams, Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame center (Vancouver Millionaires, Toronto St. Patricks; Ottawa Senators) and coach / general manager (Detroit Red Wings), dies at 73
  • May 2 Donald L Hall, American airplane designer (Spirit of St Louis), dies at 69
  • May 3 Leonid Sabaneyev, Russian composer, dies at 86
  • May 5 Albert Van Dekker, American character actor (Dr. Cyclops; Beau Geste; The Wild Bunch), dies of accidental suffocation at 62

Craig Wood

May 7 Craig Wood, American golfer (US Masters, US Open 1941), dies of a heart attack at 66

  • May 7 Lurleen Wallace, American politician (46th Governor of Alabama, 1967-68), dies at 41
  • May 9 Finlay Currie, Scottish actor (Quo Vadis, Avengers), dies at 90
  • May 9 Harold Gray, American comic strip artist (Little Orphan Annie), dies at 74
  • May 9 Marion Lorne, American actress (Aunt Clara-Bewitched), dies at 81
  • May 9 Mercedes de Acosta, American poet, playwright, costume designer, and socialite, dies at 75
  • May 9 Phil Arnold, American actor (Errand Boy, Stud Lonigan, Damn Yankees), dies from a heart attack at 58
  • May 10 Maurie Sievers, cricket medium-pacer (Austral v England 1936-37), dies
  • May 10 Philippa Bevans, British actress (Notorious Landlady, World of Henry Orient), dies at 55
  • May 10 Scotty Beckett, American actor (Our Gang, Listen Darling, Battleground), dies from either an overdose, or as a result from a beating at 38
  • May 14 Husband Edward Kimmel, commandant US Ocean fleet WW II, dies at 86
  • May 20 Albert Hartkopf, cricketer (one Test for Australia), dies
  • May 20 Kees van Dongen, Dutch/French painter, dies at 91
  • May 21 Doris Lloyd, English American actress (Oliver Twist), dies of heart strain at 71
  • May 23 James Burke, American actor (Ellery Queen, Army Surgeon), dies at 81
  • May 23 Merle Kendrick, orchestra leader (Window on the World), dies at 72
  • May 24 Bernard Rogers, American composer (The Warrior; Three Japanese Dances; To The Fallen), and pedagogue (Eastman School, 1929-67),, dies at 75
  • May 25 Charles K. Feldman, American producer (Casino Royale), dies at 63
  • May 25 Georg von K├╝chler, German field marshal and WWII war criminal, dies at 86
  • May 26 William "Little Willie" John, American R&B singer ("Fever"; "Leave My Kitten Alone"), dies in prison while serving a sentence for manslaughter at 30
  • May 28 Corbett Davis, American NFL football fullback, 1938-42 (Cleveland Rams), dies of a ruptured spleen in a boating accident at 53
  • May 28 Fyodor Matveyevich Okhlopkov, Yakut-born Soviet sniper (b. 1908)