On This Day

Famous People Who Died in June 1983

  • Jun 1 Anna Seghers [Netty Reiling], German author (The 7th Cross), dies at 82
  • Jun 1 Charles Tham, of Saxon-Coburg-Gotha, count of Flanders/Prince, dies
  • Jun 2 Stan Rogers, Canadian folk musician and songwriter, dies in aircraft fire at 33
  • Jun 2 Donald Gramm, American concert and opera bass-baritone, dies of a heart attack at 56
  • Jun 3 Miroslav "Standa" Bares, Czech-Dutch actress (Te Gkek Om Los te Lopen), dies at 60
  • Jun 3 Nanna [Rafi Khawar], Pakistani actor and comedian, commits suicide at 41
  • Jun 4 Ivan Tors, Hungarian TV producer (Sea Hunt, Flipper), dies at 66
  • Jun 6 James E. Casey, American businessman and founder (United Parcel Service), dies at 95
  • Jun 7 Charles von Saksen-Coburg-Gotha, Belgium prince, buried
  • Jun 7 Daniele Amfitheatrof [Amfiteatrov], Russian-Italian pianist, conductor, and composer of concert and Hollywood film score music (American Panorama; The Naked Jungle), dies at 81

Norma Shearer

Jun 12 Norma Shearer, Canadian-American actress (Escape, Romeo & Juliet), dies at 82

  • Jun 15 Srirangam Srinivasarao [Sri Sri], Indian Telugu poet, dies at 73
  • Jun 16 James Arthur Calata, African National Congress (ANC) leader and Anglican clergyman, dies at 87
  • Jun 17 Eelco van Kleffens, Dutch diplomat and politician (Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1939-46; UN Representative, 1946-56), dies at 88
  • Jun 17 Peter Mennin [Mennini], American composer (Moby Dick; The Cycle), and educator (Juilliard, 1962-83), dies of cancer at 60
  • Jun 18 Luther Tucker, American blues guitarist, dies of a heart attack at 57
  • Jun 21 Anton van de Velde, Flemish writer and director (Tijl), dies at 87
  • Jun 23 Osvaldo Dortic√≥s Torrado, Cuban communist politician and 14th President of Cuba (1959-76), commits suicide by shooting himself at 64
  • Jun 25 Alberto Evaristo Ginastera, Argentine composer (Panambi), dies at 67
  • Jun 26 Walter O'Keefe, songwriter, radio and TV host (Mayor of Hollywood), dies of congestive heart failure at 82
  • Jun 27 Don Ida, American hot air balloonist, dies in a crash at 49
  • Jun 27 Maxie Anderson, American hot air balloonist (1st Trans-Atlantic crossing, 1978' 1st Trans-North America crossing, 1980; 1st Trans-Pacific crossing, 1981), dies in a balloon crash at 48
  • Jun 30 Bo Gentry [Robert Ackoff] American songwriter ("Mony, Mony"), and record producer (Tommy James), dies at 41
  • Jun 30 Mary Livingstone [Sadye Marks], American comedienne, (Jack Benny), dies at 77