On This Day

Famous People Who Died in April 1993

  • Apr 1 Alan Kulwicki, American auto racer and owner (NASCAR Winston Cup drivers' and owners' champion 1992), dies in plane crash at 38
  • Apr 1 Ihsan Mohamed Salem [Yunis Awad], Palestinian Al-Fatah leader, killed
  • Apr 1 Juan of Borbon y Battemberg, father of king Juan Carlos I, dies
  • Apr 1 Wayne Mack, American sportscaster (New Orleans Saints, Tulane University) and actor (Storyville), dies of cancer at 68
  • Apr 1 Nicanor Zabaleta, Spanish harpist, dies at 86
  • Apr 2 Eugenie Leontovitch, Russian actress (Homicidal, The Rains of Ranchipur), dies at 93
  • Apr 3 Klaas Schenk, Dutch speed skater and coach (coach 1952, 56, 60 Winter Olympics; father of triple gold medallist Ard), dies at 86
  • Apr 3 Alexander Mnouchkine, French movie producer (Professional), dies at 83
  • Apr 3 Dieter Plage, German wildlife filmmaker, dies at 57
  • Apr 3 Eduardo Cabellero Calderon, Colombian writer and diplomat, dies at 83
  • Apr 3 Pinky Lee, American children's show host (Pinky Lee Show), dies of heart attack at 85
  • Apr 4 Alfred Mosher Butts, American architect and game inventor (Scrabble), dies at 93
  • Apr 4 Bep [Alberta B] Ogterop [Rita la Roche], singer, dies
  • Apr 5 Divya Bharti, Indian actress in Hindi and Telugu movies (Shola Aur Shabnam; Deewana), dies at 19 of injuries and internal bleeding after falling from balcony of her 5th-floor apartment
  • Apr 6 Divya Bharati, "Baby Doll" Indian Bollywood actress (Diwana), dies at 19 by mysteriously falling from her husband's apartment
  • Apr 6 Hedi Amira Nouira, Prime Minister of Tunisia (1970-80), dies
  • Apr 7 Max Croiset, Dutch actor (The Village on the River, Dog of Flanders, Little Ark), dies at 80
  • Apr 7 Richard Schmiechen, American film producer (The Times of Harvey Milk), dies of AIDS at 45
  • Apr 7 Stewart Cathie "Billy" Griffith, English cricketer (140 for England, 1948) and cricket administrator (MCC), dies at 78
  • Apr 8 Arleen Whelan, American film actress (Kidnapped) dies of a stroke at 78
  • Apr 8 Hubertus Earnest, bishop of Breda, dies at 100

Marian Anderson

Apr 8 Marian Anderson, American contralto and celebrated singer (My Lord, What a Morning), dies of congestive heart failure at 96

  • Apr 10 (Martin) "Chris" Hani, South African politician (Secretary-General of South African Communist Party, 1991-93), assassinated at 50
  • Apr 11 Mohammed el-Himi, brigade-general of Egyptian police, murdered
  • Apr 11 Rahmon Nabiyev, Tajik politician (First Secretary of The Communist Party, 1982-85; President of Tadzjikistan, 1991-92), dies at 63
  • Apr 12 Isaac Rojas, vp of Argentina (1955-58), dies
  • Apr 12 Patience Jarvis, dies of melanoma at 56
  • Apr 13 Barry Karas, American actor, dies of leukemia at 49
  • Apr 13 Max Tripels, Dutch politician, dies at 72
  • Apr 14 Jo Boer, Dutch painter and author (Catharina & the Magnolias), dies at 85
  • Apr 14 Sam Ntombani, South African ANC-secretary in Soweto South-Africa, shot to death
  • Apr 15 George Frederick Ives, British-Canadian army veteran & last survivor of the Boer War, dies at 111
  • Apr 15 Harry Alexander, Australian cricket fast bowler (1 Test, Bodyline series 1933, 1 wicket; Victoria), dies at 87
  • Apr 15 Leslie Charteris, British mystery writer (Saint), dies at 85
  • Apr 15 William Bakewell, American actor (All Quiet on the Western Front; Gone with the Wind), dies of leukemia at 84
  • Apr 15 John Tuzo Wilson, Canadian geologist (contributions to plate tectonics), dies at 84
  • Apr 16 John P W Meefout, sculptor (Laying wife), dies at 77
  • Apr 17 Turgut Özal, president of Turkey (1989-93), dies at 65
  • Apr 18 Masahiko Kimura, Japanese judoka, dies at 75
  • Apr 18 Dame Elisabeth Frink, English sculptor & printmaker, dies of cancer aged 62
  • Apr 19 David Koresh [Vernon Howell], American cult leader (Davidians), dies shot at 33
  • Apr 19 George Mickelson, Gov of SD, & 7 others, die in a plane crash
  • Apr 19 Steve Douglas [Kreisman], American session and touring saxophonist and flautist (Phil Spector; Duane Eddy; Beach Boys), dies of a heart attack at 54
  • Apr 20 Cantinflas [Mario Moreno], Mexican actor (Around World in 80 Days, Pepe), dies from lung cancer at 81
  • Apr 21 Hal Schumacher, American baseball pitcher (New York Giants), dies at 82
  • Apr 22 Andries Treurnicht, South African politician (founder of the South African Conservative Party), dies at 72

Cesar Chavez

Apr 22 Cesar Chavez, American farm labor leader (United Farm Workers), dies of natural causes at 66

  • Apr 22 Mark Koenig, American baseball player (NY Yankees), dies at 88
  • Apr 23 Bertus Aafjes, poet/writer (World is a Muze), dies at 78
  • Apr 23 Lalith Athulathmudali, Sri Lankan minister, murdered at 59
  • Apr 23 Daniel Jones, Welsh composer, dies at 80

Oliver Tambo

Apr 24 Oliver Tambo, South African lawyer, anti-apartheid politician and co-founder (African National Congress), dies of a stroke at 75

  • Apr 25 Rosita Moreno, actress (Walls of Gold), dies of heart attack at 85
  • Apr 27 Hans Sahl, German-American anti-Nazi Jewish writer (Tie Exil im Exil), dies at 90
  • Apr 28 Jim Valvano, American basketball coach (NC State), dies of cancer at 47
  • Apr 29 Cy Howard, director (Lovers & Other Strangers), dies at 77
  • Apr 29 Michael Gordon, actor and director (Pillow Talk), dies at 83
  • Apr 29 Mick Ronson, English rock guitarist (David Bowie's Spiders From Mars), and producer (Mott the Hoople; Lou Reed), dies of liver cancer at 46
  • Apr 30 Dave Waymer, American NFL safety (NO Saints), dies of a heart attack at 34
  • Apr 30 Eric Rowan, cricketer (26 Tests for South Africa), dies
  • Apr 30 Tommy Caton, English footballer (b. 1962)