On This Day

Historical Events on August 8

  • 70 Tower of Antonia destroyed by Romans
  • 1220 Sweden is defeated by Estonian tribes in the Battle of Lihula
  • 1303 Crete earthquake strikes with estimated magnitude of 8, triggering a major tsunami with major damage including ships sweep 2 miles inland in Egypt
  • 1322 Emperor Godaigo makes Sojiji the chief monastery of Soto Sect

New Settlement

1508 Spaniard Juan Ponce de León founds Caparra the first European settlement in Puerto Rico

  • 1509 Emperor Krishnadeva Raya is crowned, marking the beginning of the regeneration of the Vijayanagara Empire in Southern India
  • 1549 Henry II of France declares war on England and orders the siege of Boulogne
  • 1567 Duke of Alva's army enters Brussels, Belgium
  • 1570 Peace of Saint-Germain-and-Laye, more freedom for Huguenots

Historic Event

1576 Cornerstone laid for Tycho Brahe's observatory in Uraniborg, Denmark, at the time world's most advanced research institution


1585 Pope Sixtus excommunicates Henry of Navarre (Henry IV)

  • 1585 John Davis enters Cumberland Sound in search of the Northwest Passage
  • 1605 The city of Oulu, Finland, is founded by Charles IX of Sweden.

Historic Event

1609 Venetian senate examines Galileo Galilei's telescope

Treaty of Interest

1619 Duke Maximilian I & Emperor Ferdinand II signs Treaty of Munchen

  • 1647 The Irish Confederate Wars and Wars of the Three Kingdoms: Battle of Dungans Hill - English Parliamentary forces defeat Irish forces.
  • 1673 Dutch battle fleet of 23 ships demands surrender of NYC
  • 1700 Denmark & Sweden sign peace treaty
  • 1709 1st known ascent in hot-air balloon, Bartolomeu de Gusmao (indoors)
  • 1758 British troops occupy & plunder Cherbourg
  • 1786 US Congress unanimously chooses the dollar as the monetary unit for the United States of America
  • 1786 Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard are 1st to climb to top of Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe

Historic Event

1788 King Louis XVI calls French States & Generals together

  • 1793 The insurrection of Lyon occurs during the French Revolution.
  • 1794 Joseph Whidbey and George Vancouver lead an expedition to search for the Northwest Passage near Juneau, Alaska
  • 1796 Boston African Society establishes with 44 members
  • 1809 70 disciples of Gaon of Vilnius, arrive in Palestine
  • 1814 Peace negotiations begin in Ghent, Belgium
  • 1816 Bavaria joins Holy Alliance
  • 1829 French government of De Polignac forms
  • 1831 Battle of Hasselt - Dutch army drives out Belgians
  • 1839 Beta Theta Pi is founded in Oxford, Ohio.
  • 1843 Natal (in South Africa) is made a British colony

Historic Event

1844 Brigham Young chosen as head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints following the death of Joseph Smith

  • 1853 Russian fleet appears at Nagasaki, Japan
  • 1854 Smith & Wesson patents metal bullet cartridges
  • 1860 Queen of Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) arrives in NYC
  • 1863 American Civil War: Tennessee's "military" Governor Andrew Johnson frees his personal slaves. Celebrated as a holiday by Tennessee African Americans (early 20th century)
  • 1864 Comet C/1864 N1 (Tempel) approaches within 0.0964 AUs of Earth
  • 1864 Union troops/fleet occupy Fort Gaines, Alabama
  • 1868 Earthquake destroys the city of Arica, Chile
  • 1870 1st America's Cup: New York Yacht Club’s first defence of America’s Cup; 'Magic' (NYYC) defeats 'Cambria' (Royal Thames YC, England; finishes 8th) and 16 fellow defenders from NY Harbour to Sandy Hook Light Vessel on the Atlantic and return (38 miles)
  • 1870 The Republic of Ploieşti, a failed Radical-Liberal rising against Domnitor Carol of Romania.
  • 1876 Dan O'Leacy completes 500 mile walk in 139h32m

Historic Invention

1876 Thomas Edison is granted the patent for Autographic Printing (US Patent 180,857)

  • 1882 Snow falls on Lake Michigan
  • 1898 W.K. Kellogg invents corn flakes cereal
  • 1900 1st International Lawn Tennis Challenge (precursor to Davis Cup) begins at Longwood Cricket Club in Massachusetts, won 3-0 by US over British Isles
  • 1902 International Lawn Tennis Challenge, Brooklyn, NY: Malcolm Whitman beats Reginald Doherty 6-1, 7-5, 6-4 to give US a 3-2 win over the British Isles
  • 1903 International Lawn Tennis Challenge, Boston, MA: Laurence Doherty beats William Larned 6-3, 6-8, 6-0, 2-6, 7-5 to give British Isles an unassailable 3-1 lead over US (ends 4-1)
  • 1910 The US Army installs the first tricycle landing gear on the Army's Wright Flyer.
  • 1911 The millionth patent is filed in the United States Patent Office by Francis Holton for a tubeless vehicle tire.
  • 1911 Public Law 62-5 sets the number of representatives in the United States House of Representatives at 435. The law would come into effect in 1913.
  • 1913 Richard Corfields "Camel Corps" opens "Mad Mullah" in Burao Somalia

Historic Expedition

1914 3rd pole expedition Ernest Shackleton "Endurance"

  • 1914 French troops under Gen Bonneau occupy Mulhouse at Elzas
  • 1914 Montenegro declares war on Germany
  • 1916 A's set AL record with 19th consecutive loss on road
  • 1918 World War I: The Allies launch the Hundred Days Offensive, beginning with the Battle of Amiens where 500 tanks and 10 Allied divisions attacked German lines
  • 1919 Treaty of Rawalpindi, British recognise Afghanistan's independence
  • 1920 Tigers beat Yanks 1-0 in shortest AL game, 73 minutes
  • 1922 Pirates set record of 46 hits in a doubleheader (against Phillies)
  • 1924 British-Russian trade agreement signed
  • 1925 1st national march of Ku Klux Klan (between 25,000 and 40,000 marchers) in Washington, D.C.
  • 1929 Salem Oregon airport dedicated
  • 1930 St Louis Cards are 12 games back in NL, & go on to win pennant
  • 1931 Washington Senators pitcher Bobby Burke no-hits Boston Red Sox, 5-0 at Griffith Stadium, Washington D. C.
  • 1936 A Finnish quinella in the 3,000m steeplechase at the Berlin Olympics; Volmari Iso-Hollo beats teammate Kaarlo Tuominen in world record time (9:03.8)
  • 1936 American Glenn Morris' decathlon total of 7,254 points is a world record; teammates Bob Clark & Jack Parker complete US sweep in the gruelling event at the Berlin Olympics
  • 1936 Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve founded in Uttarakhand, British India, as Hailey National Park (later renamed) - India's first National Park [1]
  • 1937 Bonneville Dam on Columbia River begins producing power
  • 1938 Great Trek Centenary Celebrations commence; the Great Trek was a migration involving Boers leaving the Cape Colony and settling in the interior of South Africa
  • 1938 6th Venice Film Festival opens

Venice Film Festival

1939 7th Venice Film Festival opens with a United States boycott due to Benito Mussolini's Fascist Italian regime

  • 1940 31 German aircraft shot down over England

Historic Event

1940 The "Aufbau Ost" directive is signed by Wilhelm Keitel.

  • 1941 20 divisions of Soviet 6th/12th Army surrender at Oeman
  • 1942 "Monty" appointed commander of British 8th Army at Alamein
  • 1942 6 convicted Nazi saboteurs who landed in US executed in Washington, D.C.
  • 1942 British Flower class corvette HMS Dianthus sinks U-379
  • 1942 Soviet anti-offensive of Voronezh under Marshal Timosjenko
  • 1943 Common Chiefs of staff meet in Quebec
  • 1943 US amphibians land at St Agata on North coast of Sicily
  • 1943 Vegetables & fruit rationed in Holland
  • 1944 Canada/Polish troops occupy Cramesnil/Secqueville/Cintheaux/St-Aignan
  • 1944 US 15th Army corps occupies Le Mans
  • 1945 England & Australian Services draw 4th Victory Test

Nuremberg Trials

1945 US, USSR, Britain and France sign Treaty of London which sets down procedures for the Nuremberg war trials of Nazi leaders

  • 1945 USSR declares war against Japan in WW II
  • 1945 USSR establishes a communist government in North Korea
  • 1946 India agrees to give Bhutan 32 sq miles
  • 1946 Dreyfuss family, owners of Pittsburgh Pirates since 1900, sells club to Frank McKinney & John Galbreath for $25 million
  • 1946 First flight of the Convair B-36.
  • 1947 Pakistan's National Flag is approved.
  • 1948 "Hold It!" opens at National Theater NYC for 46 performances
  • 1949 Bhutan, land of Dragon, becomes an independent monarchy

Sports History

1950 Florence Chadwick swims English Channel (13:23)

  • 1952 Syngman Ree re-elected president of South Korea

Historic Event

1953 Soviet leader Georgi Malenkov reports possession of hydrogen bomb

  • 1953 US & South Korea initial a mutual security pact

Historic Event

1955 Fidel Castro forms the "26th of July Movement", a Cuban vanguard revolutionary organization

  • 1955 Geneva conference held to discuss peaceful uses of atomic energy
  • 1956 Fire & explosion kill 263 miners at Marcinelle, Belgium
  • 1956 WDIQ (now KMCT) TV channel 2 in Dozier, AL (PBS) begins
  • 1957 USSR offers Syria economic/military aid
  • 1960 "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini" hits #1
  • 1960 Ivory Coast declares independence
  • 1960 South Kasai secedes from the Congo.
  • 1960 Charges against 53 of the 76 Africans detained after the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa are dropped
  • 1961 Ham Tigercats (CFL) beat Buff Bills (NFL) 38-21 in Hamilton, Ontario
  • 1961 Verne Gagne beats Gene Kiniski in Minneapolis, to become NWA champ
  • 1963 Great Train Robbery in England, £2.6 million ($7.3 million)
  • 1963 Kingsmen release "Louie, Louie", radio stations label it obscene
  • 1963 LA Dodgers F Howard & B Skowron are 3rd to hit consecutive pinch HRs
  • 1963 Verne Gagne beats Fritz Von Erich in Amarillo, to become NWA champ
  • 1964 N. Richard Nash, Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones' musical "110 in the Shade", based on Nash's drama "The Rainmaker", closes at Broadhurst Theater, NYC after, 330 performances
  • 1964 Dutch Opera forms in Amsterdam
  • 1964 1st Rolling Stones concert in Netherlands at The Kurhaus of Scheveningen, in The Hague
  • 1966 South African Broadcasting bans Beatles (Lennon's anti-Jesus remark)
  • 1967 Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore & Thailand meet to form Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
  • 1968 Jarry Park is approved by Mayor Jean Drapeau for interim use by Expos
  • 1968 Race riot in Miami, Florida

Presidential Convention

1968 Republican convention in Miami Beach nominates Richard Nixon for president

  • 1969 The Beatles are photographed by Iain MacMillan crossing the street as they walk away from EMI Studios, for the cover of their "Abbey Road" album. [1]

Sports History

1970 NY Yankees honor Casey Stengel, retiring his number 37 (BTG was there)

  • 1971 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • 1971 A British soldier is shot dead by the Irish Republican Army in Belfast
  • 1972 NY Yanks sign 30-year lease to play in remodeled Yankee Stadium

Contract of Interest

1973 US Vice President Spiro Agnew says reports he took kickbacks are "damned lies" from government contracts in Maryland. Vowed not to resign.

Music History

1975 Hank Williams Jr. falls off the side of Ajax Peak in Montana

  • 1975 As a result of rainfall from Typhoon Nina, the Banqiao Dam in China fails, causing the collapse of almost 6 million buildings and 229,000 deaths
  • 1976 Chicago White Sox suit up in shorts
  • 1977 Maurine Stuart, ordained as Zen priest by Eido Tai Shimano Roshi
  • 1977 Texas Rangers turn their 1st triple play (vs A's)
  • 1978 Pioneer-Venus 2 with 5 atmospheric probes launched toward Venus


1979 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein executes 22 political opponents

  • 1980 LBV Conference Center & Club Lake Villas open
  • 1981 At a summit South African Trade Unions resolve to defy apartheid and labour laws

PGA Championship

1982 PGA Championship Men's Golf, Southern Hills CC: Ray Floyd wins his second PGA C'ship by 3 shots from fellow American Lanny Wadkins

  • 1983 Jury in KC, Mo, awards TV anchorwoman Christine Craft $500,000 in sex discrimination suit against KMBC-TV (later overturned)

Coup d'état

1983 Military coup in Guatemala, Dictator and former General Efraín Rios Montt flees

Sports History

1983 1st Athletics World Championships: Carl Lewis wins gold in 100m

Album Release

1983 Columbia Records releases "An Innocent Man", singer-songwriter Billy Joel's ninth studio album

  • 1984 "Rink" closes at Martin Beck Theater NYC after 204 performances
  • 1984 Carl Lewis wins 3rd gold medal of the Los Angeles Olympics joining Kirk Baptiste and Thomas Jefferson in an American sweep of the 200m
  • 1984 Milwaukee 10-game losing streak ends
  • 1984 Nawal El Moutawakel of Morocco becomes the first female Olympic champion of a Muslim nation, and the first of her country in the 400m hurdles at the Los Angeles Olympics

Olympic Gold

1984 Future 5-time America's Cup winner Russell Coutts of New Zealand wins the Finn Class sailing gold medal at the Los Angeles Olympics

  • 1985 Baseball's new agreement permits 2 new NL teams in 1993
  • 1985 Japan launches Planet A, a probe to Halley's comet
  • 1986 Altaf Hussain's address at Nishtar Park Karachi, announcing the establishment of the MQM political movement.
  • 1987 Brewers' Rob Deer struck-out 5 times in a game
  • 1987 Pakistan all out 708 v England at The Oval, Botham 3-217
  • 1988 -11] Army in Rangoon, Myanmar fires on pro-democracy students, killing thousands during the "8888 Uprising"

US Senior Golf Open

1988 US Senior Open Men's Golf, Medinah CC: Gary Player of South Africa wins by 2 strokes over New Zealander Bob Charles in an 18-hole playoff; his second straight US Senior title

  • 1988 Angola, Cuba and South Africa sign cease fire treaty
  • 1988 Discovery of most distant galaxy (15 * 10 ^ 12 light yrs) announced
  • 1988 Duchess of York gives birth to 6 lb 12 oz baby girl
  • 1988 Jennifer Levin's parents file $25M suit against Dorrian Red Hand Bar
  • 1988 Minnesota Twins pull 2nd triple-play of year in 6-2 win over Cleveland
  • 1988 Renovated Central Park Zoo reopens after 4 years (New York City)
  • 1988 Russian troops begin pull out of Afghanistan after 9 year war

Assassination Attempt

1988 US Secretary of State George P. Shultz narrowly escapes an assassination attempt in Bolivia

  • 1988 South Africa declares cease-fire in Angola
  • 1988 Temperature hits high of 88 deg F on 8/8/88 in NYC
  • 1988 Cubs & Phillies attempt to play 1st night game ever at Wrigley Field but are rained out in 4th inning with Chicago leading, 3-1
  • 1988 Ceasefire between Iran & Iraq takes effect after 8 years of war

Album Release

1988 Rap group N.W.A. release their debut studio album "Straight Outta Compton"

  • 1989 US space shuttle STS-28 launched

Historic Event

1989 New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange resigns after 5 years on a no confidence issue

  • 1990 Baltimore Orioles pull their 10th triple play (1-6-3 vs Oakland)

Baseball Record

1990 Carlton Fisk ties Johnny Bench hitting 327 HRs as a catcher

  • 1990 Iraq annexes Kuwait as its 19th province

Sports History

1990 Pete Rose begins 5-ms prison term at Marion (IL) Federal prison camp

  • 1991 Billy Preston charged with exhibiting pornography to a minor

Music History

1991 Carlos Santana pleads no contest to marijuana possession charge

Film & TV History

1991 Actor Gary Oldman is arrested for drunk driving

  • 1991 Shi'ite Muslims release British hostage John McCarthy
  • 1991 With two months left, White Sox set new home attendance (2,150,951)
  • 1991 The Warsaw radio mast, at one time the tallest construction ever built, collapses.
  • 1992 Lou Whitaker hits his 200th career HR

Music History

1992 Metallica singer and guitarist James Hetfield suffers second and third-degree burns during a pyrotechnics explosion on stage at Olympic Stadium, Montreal

Olympic Gold

1992 The original US 'Dream Team' wins the basketball gold at the Barcelona Olympics 117-85 over Croatia; features superstars Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing

  • 1992 Bulgarian canoeist Nikolay Bukhalov completes the C-1 500 / 1,000 double winning the latter at the Barcelona Olympics
  • 1992 Germany goes through the field hockey competition undefeated to win gold with a 2-1 win over Australia in the men's final at the Barcelona Olympics
  • 1992 Spanish centre forward Kiko scores twice as the home team takes the football Olympic gold medal with a 3-2 win over Poland in front of 95,000 at Camp Nou, Barcelona
  • 1992 Fermín Cacho wins Spain's first ever Olympic gold medal in a running event when he takes out the 1,500m at the Barcelona Games
  • 1993 Tropical storm Bret ravages Venezuela, about 100 killed
  • 1995 Jeff King of Pirates is 16th NL player to HR twice in one inning

Music Single

1995 "Gangster's Paradise" single released by Coolio (Billboard Song of the Year 1995)

  • 1997 Mariners Randy Johnson strikes out 19 Chicago White Sox
  • 1997 The UN approves a sale-price formula for Iraqi crude oil sales under the oil-for-food plan
  • 2000 Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley is raised to the surface after 136 years on the ocean floor.

Hall of Fame

2004 John Elway is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Film & TV History

2006 Actor Sylvester Stallone and former heavyweight boxing contender Chuck Wepner settle lawsuit out of court for an undisclosed sum; Wepner claims he was the inspiration for the "Rocky" movies

  • 2007 An EF2 tornado touches down in Kings County and Richmond County, New York State, the most powerful tornado in New York to date and the first in Brooklyn since 1889.

Historic Event

2007 Carlos Slim overtakes Bill Gates as world's richest person with estimated net worth of US$59 billion, according to "Fortune"