Historical Events in October 1492

  • Oct 2 King Henry VII of England invades France

Historic Event

Oct 7 Christopher Columbus misses Florida when he changes course

  • Oct 12 Christopher Columbus's expedition makes landfall on a Caribbean island he names San Salvador (likely Watling Island, Bahamas). The explorer believes he has reached East Asia (OS 21 Oct)
  • Oct 12 Flemish rebel leader Philip van Kleef surrenders
  • Oct 13 English admiral Sir Edward Poynings' fleet occupies Lock
  • Oct 14 Christopher Columbus leaves San Salvador; arrives in Santa Maria of Concepcion (Bahamas)
  • Oct 16 Christopher Columbus' fleet anchors at "Fernandina" (Long Island, Bahamas)
  • Oct 19 Christopher Columbus sights "Isabela", now Fortune Island/Long Cay, Bahamas
  • Oct 24 24 Jews are burned at the stake in Mecklenburg, Germany
  • Oct 26 Lead (graphite) pencils first used
  • Oct 28 Christopher Columbus sights Cuba and claims it for Spain under the name "Juana"