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Historical Events in 1495

Historic Event

Jan 28 Pope Alexander VI (Roderic Llançol i de Borgia) gives his son Cesare as hostage to Charles VIII of France

  • Feb 22 French King Charles VIII enters Naples to claim crown
  • May 20 French King Charles VIII leaves Naples
  • May 31 Emperor Maximilian, Pope Alexander VI, Milan, King Ferdinand, Isabella & Venice sign anti-French Saint League
  • Jun 1 First written record of Scotch Whisky appears in Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, Friar John Cor is the distiller
  • Jul 6 Battle of Fornovo, near Parma: French King Charles VIII beats Holy League
  • Jul 7 King Ferdinand II returns to Naples
  • Jul 20 French viceroy of Naples Montpensier surrenders
  • Nov 27 Scottish king James IV receives Perkin Warbeck, pretender to the English trone