Historical Events in 1509

  • Feb 3 The Battle of Diu, naval battle at port of Diu, India between Portugal and the Ottoman Empire, establishes Portuguese trading control
  • Mar 18 Emperor Maximilian I names Margaretha land guardians of Netherlands
  • Apr 7 France declares war on Venice

Event of Interest

Apr 16 French army under Louis XII enters the Alps

King Henry VIII

Apr 22 Henry VIII, 2nd Tudor king of England ascends to the throne at age 17, after the death of his father, Henry VII

Julius II Excommunicates Venice

Apr 27 Pope Julius II excommunicates Italian state of Venice

  • May 14 Battle of Agnadello, French forces under Louis XII defeat the Venetians in Northern Italy
  • Jun 24 Henry VIII is crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey, London
  • Jul 17 Venice recaptures nearby Italian city of Padua
  • Aug 8 Emperor Krishnadeva Raya is crowned, marking the beginning of the regeneration of the Vijayanagara Empire in Southern India
  • Sep 26 Storm surge causes the second Cosmas and Damian flood in East Friesland and the Netherlands destroying dykes and devastating coastal towns
  • Oct 12 Emperor Maximilian leaves Italy