On This Day

Historical Events in 1524

DiscoveryVoyage of Discovery

Jan 17 Beginning of Giovanni da Verrazzano's voyage to find a passage to China

  • Mar 19 Giovanni de Varrazano, a Florentine explorer in the service of King Francis I of France, lands around area of Carolinas
  • Apr 17 Giovanni Verrazano, a Florentine navigator, discovers New York Bay
  • Apr 19 Pope Clemens VII fires Neth inquisitor-general French Van de Holly
  • Apr 24 Duke of Bourbon drives Admiral Bonnivet out of Milan
  • May 20 Duke of Albany leaves Scotland
  • Jun 28 Duke of Bourbon occupies Province
  • Jul 15 Emperor Charles I bans German national synode
  • Jul 19 Peasants' War begins in Germany's Black Forest
  • Jul 26 James V declared fit to govern by the Scottish Parliament

BattleHistoric Siege

Aug 19 Emperor Charles V's troops besiege Marseille, France

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor
Charles V
  • Oct 26 Spanish troops give Milan to France

DiscoveryHistoric Expedition

Nov 14 Francisco Pizarro begins his 1st great expedition, near Colombia

Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro
Spanish Conquistador
Francisco Pizarro
  • Dec 12 Pope Clement VII approves Organization of Jewish Community of Rome