Historical Events in 1526

Treaty of Madrid

Jan 14 Charles V and Francis I sign the Treaty of Madrid, forcing Francis to give up claims to Burgundy, Italy and Flanders

  • Feb 8 Heavy storm strikes Dutch coast, killing large numbers
  • Feb 27 Saxony and Hesse form League of Gotha (league of Protestant princes)

Treaty of Interest

Mar 15 French Dauphin Francis and his brother Henry exchanged as hostages for their father Francis I, beginning of four years of captivity in Spain under the Treaty of Madrid

First Battle of Panipat

Apr 21 First Battle of Panipat: Central Asian conqueror Babur defeats Sultan Ibrahim Lodi, establishing the Mughal Empire in India

  • Apr 22 1st slave revolt in North America at San Miguel de Gualdape, a Spanish settlement (now part of South Carolina)
  • May 2 German evangelical monarchy joins Schmalkaldic League

League of Cognac

May 22 Pope Clement VII, France, Genoa, Venice, Florence & Milan form Anti-French League of Cognac

  • May 26 Four remaining ships of the Spanish Laoisa Expedition sail into the Pacific Ocean, soon be separated in a storm, only one will successfully cross to reach the Spice Islands)
  • Jun 25 Diet of Speyer convenes, resulting in the Edict of Speyer, which temporarily suspends the 1521 Edict of Worms (a Papal ban on Luther's teachings); allows Lutheranism and other "reforms" to propagate unimpeded throughout Germany

Battle of Mohács

Aug 29 Battle of Mohács: In a decisive battle the Hungarian Empire is conquered by the Ottoman Empire led by Suleiman the Magnificent

  • Nov 9 Jews are expelled from Pressburg (Bratislava), Hungary, by Maria of Hapsburg
  • Nov 10 John I Zapolyai of Transsylvania chosen as king of Hungary
  • Dec 17 Ferdinand of Austria chosen as King of Bohemia