Historical Events in 1571

Freedom of Religion

Jan 11 Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II grants Austrian nobility freedom of religion

Event of Interest

Jan 23 Queen Elizabeth I of England opens Royal Exchange in London

  • Mar 19 Spanish troops occupy Manila
  • Mar 25 Catholic Italian businessman Roberto Ridolfi leaves England

Kepler Calculates his Conception

May 16 German astronomer Johannes Kepler, by his own calculations, is conceived at 4:37 AM

  • May 19 Miguel Lopez de Lagazpi founds Manilla in the Philippines

Holy League

May 25 Pope Pius V forms The Holy League to fight the Ottomans with other Catholic maritime states including Spain, Venice, Naples and Sicily

  • Sep 4 Catholic rebellion in Scotland
  • Oct 4 -13] Synod of Emden, Calvinist leaders establish the Dutch Reformed Church.

Lepanto – The Battle That Saved Europe

Oct 7 Battle of Lepanto: Holy League of southern European nations formed by Pope Pius V destroy an Ottoman fleet in a significant loss off Western Greece