Historical Events in 1585

  • Jan 2 Spain & Catholic France sign Saint League of Joinville
  • Mar 3 The Olympic Theatre, designed by Andrea Palladio, is inaugurated in Vicenza.
  • Apr 5 Clemens Crabbeels becomes bishop of Hertogenbosch
  • May 19 Spain confiscates English ships
  • Jun 23 Spanish army under Tassis beats Amerongen Staatse troops
  • Jul 7 King Henri III and Duke De Guise signs Treaty of Nemours: French Huguenots lose all freedoms

Event of Interest

Jul 17 English secret service discovers Anthony Babington's murder plot against Queen Elizabeth I

  • Jul 25 Amsterdam bans 45 roman catholics
  • Jul 29 University of Franeker/ University of Friesland opens in the Netherlands
  • Aug 8 John Davis enters Cumberland Sound in search of the Northwest Passage


Aug 8 Pope Sixtus excommunicates Henry of Navarre (Henry IV)

  • Aug 10 English Queen Elizabeth I signs Treaty of Nonsuch: Aid for Netherlands
  • Aug 14 Queen Elizabeth I of England refuses sovereignty of Netherlands
  • Aug 17 Antwerp surrenders after 8 months siege by Duke of Parma
  • Aug 27 Duke of Parma's troops occupy Antwerp
  • Dec 20 English fleet & Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, reach Vlissingen