Historical Events in 1625

King Charles I

Mar 27 Charles I, King of England, Scotland and Ireland ascends the English throne

Appointment of Interest

Apr 7 Albrecht von Wallenstein appointed German supreme commander by Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II

Stadtholder Frederick Henry

Apr 23 Prince Frederick Henry appointed Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders, and Overijssel

  • May 1 Portuguese and Spanish expedition recaptures Salvador (Bahia) from the forces of the Dutch West India Company
  • May 11 Peasants besiege Frankenburg estate in Upper Austria
  • May 15 16 rebellious farmers hanged in Vocklamarkt, Upper-Austria
  • Jun 2 Prince Frederick Henry sworn in as viceroy of Holland/Zealand
  • Jun 5 Spanish troops under Spinola conquer Breda
  • Aug 6 Earl Earnest Casimir appointed as viceroy of Groningen
  • Aug 16 Earnest Casimir of Nassau-Dietz appointed viceroy of Drenthe
  • Sep 13 16 Rabbis (including Isiah Horowitz) are imprisoned in Jerusalem
  • Sep 24 Dutch attack San Juan, Puerto Rico

Event of Interest

Oct 8 English Admiral George Villiers' fleet sails from Plymouth to Cadiz, Spain

  • Dec 9 Netherlands & England sign military treaty