Historical Events in 1626

  • Feb 6 Huguenot rebels & French sign Peace of La Rochelle
  • Feb 27 Yuan Chonghuan is appointed Governor of Liaodong, after he led the Chinese into a great victory against the Manchurians under Nurhaci

Victory in Battle

Apr 25 Battle of Dessau Bridge: Albrecht von Wallenstein at head of Holy Roman Empire forces defeats Danish attempt led by Ernst von Mansfeld's to cross Elbe River (Thirty Years' War)

  • May 4 Peter Minuit becomes director-general of New Netherlands
  • May 6 Dutch colonist Peter Minuit organizes the purchase of Manhattan Island from Native Americans for 60 guilders worth of goods, believed to have been Canarsee Indians of the Lenape
  • May 30 An explosion at the Wanggongchang Gunpowder Factory in Beijing destroys part of the city and kills 20,000 people

Event of Interest

Jun 15 King Charles I disbands English parliament

  • Jul 5 Battle at Lenz: Rebel Austrian Boers defeated
  • Aug 1 Earl Earnest Casimir conquers Oldenzaal
  • Aug 27 Battle of Lutter: Catholic League beats Danish king Christian IV
  • Sep 30 Battle between King Bethlen Gabor & Earl Mansfeld-Wallenstein ends

St. Peter's Basilica

Nov 18 St. Peter's Basilica is consecrated, replacing an earlier basilica on the same site and becoming the world's largest Christian basilica

  • Dec 1 Pasha Muhammad ibn Farukh, tyrannical governor of Jerusalem, driven out

Event of Interest

Dec 20 Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and Prince of Transylvania Gabor Bethlen sign Peace of Pressburg (Bratislava)