Historical Events in 1659

  • Jan 14 Battle at Elvas: Portuguese beat Spanish


Jan 24 Pierre Corneille's play "Oedipe" premieres in Paris

  • Feb 11 The assault on Copenhagen by Swedish forces is beaten back with heavy losses
  • Feb 16 1st known cheque written (£400), now on display at Westminster Abbey

Richard Cromwell Disbands Parliament

Apr 22 Lord Protector Richard Cromwell disbands English parliament

  • May 22 France, England & Netherlands sign "Hedges Concerto" treaty
  • May 25 Richard Cromwell resigns as Lord Protector of England, earning the nickname "Tumbledown Dick" as a result of his abrupt fall from power
  • May 31 Netherlands, England and France sign Treaty of The Hague
  • Jun 29 The Russians, led by Prince Trubetskoy are defeated by the Ukrainian armies of Ivan Vyhovsky in the Battle of Konotop
  • Aug 10 Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb has his brother and competitor for the throne Dara Shukoh executed on religious grounds
  • Sep 30 Peter Stuyvesant of New Netherlands forbids tennis playing during religious services (1st mention of tennis in US)

Event of Interest

Sep 30 Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked (according to Daniel Defoe's famous novel)

  • Oct 12 English "Rump" Parliament dismisses John Lambert and other Parliamentary generals
  • Oct 13 Major general John Lambert drives out English Rump government

Treaty of Interest

Nov 7 The Treaty of the Pyrenees signed by representatives of French King Louis XIV & Spanish king Philip IV

  • Nov 17 Peace of the Pyrenees is signed between France and Spain
  • Nov 25 Michiel de Ruyter conquers Danish city Nyborg
  • Dec 8 Mexican border town Ciudad Juárez is founded by Fray García de San Francisco.
  • Dec 16 General George Monck demands free parliamentary election in Scotland
  • Dec 26 Long Parliament reforms in Westminster