Historical Events in 1726

  • Feb 8 The Supreme Privy Council is established in Russia
  • May 5 French ballerina Marie de Camargo aged 16 makes her premiere at Paris Opera Ballets in "Les Caractères de la Danse"
  • May 9 Three men arrested during a February raid on Mother Clap's molly-house (a coffee house catering to homosexuals) in London are executed by hanging at Tyburn, England
  • Jun 11 Cardinal Fleury succeeds Duke of Bourbon as French premier

Franklin Returns to Philadelphia

Jul 23 Benjamin Franklin sails back to Philadelphia

Treaty of Interest

Aug 6 Treaty of Alliance between the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI and the Russian Empire signed at Vienna

Gulliver's Travels

Oct 28 "Gulliver's Travels" by Jonathan Swift is published by Benjamin Motte in London