Historical Events in 1767

  • Apr 2 King Charles III of Spain gives orders to expel the Jesuits from the Spanish Empire
  • Apr 8 Ayutthaya kingdom falls to Burmese invaders

Music Premiere

May 13 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's first opera "Apollo et Hyacinthus", written when he was 11 years old, premieres in Salzburg

  • May 14 British government disbands Americans import duty on tea
  • Jun 18 Samuel Wallis, an English sea captain, sights Tahiti; considered the first European to reach the island
  • Jun 29 British pass Townshend Revenue Act levying taxes on America, helping to intensify opposition to British rule
  • Jul 3 Norway's oldest newspaper still in print, Adresseavisen, is founded (first edition published this date)
  • Jul 3 Pitcairn Island is discovered by Midshipman Robert Pitcairn on an expeditionary voyage commanded by Philip Carteret
  • Sep 9 Colegio de San Ignacio de Loyola Vizcaínas - the oldest continuously operating educational institution in Mexico, opens for the education of girls and women in Mexico City [1]
  • Sep 28 VOC government bans importation of South-East Asian slaves into the Cape because they are considered dangerous (not observed) [1]
  • Oct 18 Boundary between Maryland and Pennsylvania, the Mason–Dixon line is agreed upon
  • Dec 16 Van Ritter von Glucks opera "Alceste" premieres
  • Dec 28 King Taksin crowned King of Thailand and establishes Thonburi as his capital