On This Day

Historical Events in April 1775

  • Apr 14 1st abolitionist society in US organizes in Philadelphia

Historic Event

Apr 18 Paul Revere and William Dawes ride from Charlestown to Lexington warning the "regulars are coming!"

  • Apr 19 Minutemen Capt John Parker orders not to fire unless fired upon

The Shot Heard Round the World

Apr 19 American Revolution begins in Lexington, Massachusetts. The "Shot Heard Round the World" takes place later that day in Concord

  • Apr 19 New England militiamen begin the siege of Boston, hemming in the British army garrison
  • Apr 19 Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott are captured by British troops riding from Lexington to Concord, Prescott escapes to warn Concord

Music History

Apr 23 Opera "Il RĂ© Pastore" (The Shepherd King) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is first produced in Salzburg