On This Day

Historical Events in July 1776

United States Declaration of Independence

Jul 1 1st vote on Declaration of Independence for Britain's North American colonies

  • Jul 2 New Jersey gives the right to vote to all adults who could show a net worth of 50 pounds
  • Jul 2 Continental Congress resolves "these United Colonies are and of right ought to be Free and Independent States"

Historic Event

Jul 2 At the Continental Congress, John Dickinson abstains from the votes that declare independence

Liberty Bell

Jul 4 According to popular legend the Liberty Bell rings for the Second Continental Congress

Historic Event

Jul 6 American Declaration of Independence announced on front page of "PA Evening Gazette"

  • Jul 8 Colonel John Nixon gives the 1st public reading of the Declaration of Independence to an assemblage of citizens in Philadelphia
  • Jul 9 Declaration of Independence is read to George Washington's troops in New York

Historic Event

Jul 12 Captain James Cook departs Plymouth, England helming HMS Resolution, beginning his 3rd and final trip to the Pacific