Historical Events in March 1794

  • Mar 3 1st performance of Joseph Haydn's 101st Symphony in D 9"The Clock") at the HAnover Rooms, in London, England
  • Mar 3 Richard Allen founded African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Mar 12 Theatre Royal in London's Dury Lane opens after being rebuilt

Historic Invention

Mar 14 Eli Whitney patents the cotton gin machine revolutionizing the cotton industry in the southern US states

  • Mar 22 Congress bans US vessels from supplying slaves to other countries
  • Mar 23 Josiah Pierson patents a "cold-header" (rivet) machine
  • Mar 27 Denmark and Sweden form a neutrality compact
  • Mar 27 The United States Government establishes a permanent navy and authorizes the building of six frigates.
  • Mar 28 Allies under the prince of Coburg defeat French forces at Le Cateau
  • Mar 28 Louvre opens to the public (although officially opened since August)