Historical Events in February 1814

Historic Publication

Feb 1 Lord Byron's "Corsair" sells 10,000 copies on day of publication

  • Feb 1 Volcano Mayon on Luzon Philippines erupts killing 1,200

Victory in Battle

Feb 10 Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Champaubert, the French beat the Russians

  • Feb 11 Norway's independence proclaimed
  • Feb 17 Battle of Mormant: French Imperial army defeat Russian Austrian forces (War of the Sixth Coalition)
  • Feb 18 The Battle of Montereau; victory of French under Napoleon Bonaparte against Austrians and Württembergers under the King of Württemberg.
  • Feb 25 Australia's first currency - the holey dollar introduced, made of Spanish 'pieces of eight' with the centers stamped out, for the colony of New South Wales [1]

Music Premiere

Feb 27 Ludwig van Beethoven's 8th Symphony in F premieres