Historical Events in 1827

  • Jan 1 Dutch Trade Company NHM gets opium monopoly on Java
  • Jan 17 Duke of Wellington appointed British supreme commander
  • Feb 7 Ballet (Deserter) introduced to US at Bowery Theater (NYC)
  • Feb 27 1st Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans
  • Feb 28 1st commercial railroad in US, Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) chartered
  • Mar 7 Shrigley Abduction: Ellen Turner, a wealthy heiress in Cheshire, England, is abducted by Edward Gibbon Wakefield, a future politician in colonial New Zealand
  • Mar 15 University of Toronto is chartered
  • Mar 16 First US newspaper, "Freedom's Journal" owned and operated by African Americans begins publishing in New York City

Music History

Mar 29 20,000 attend Ludwig von Beethovens burial in Vienna

  • Apr 2 US inventor Joseph Dixon of Salem, Massachusetts, begins manufacturing lead pencils
  • Apr 7 English chemist John Walker invents wooden matches

Historic Event

Apr 10 George Canning becomes British Prime Minister upon the resignation of Robert Jenkinson, lives to serve only 119 days

  • Apr 23 Irish mathematician and astronomer William Rowan Hamilton presents his Theory of Systems of Rays
  • Jun 5 Turks capture the Acropolis and take Athens during the Greek War of Independence
  • Jul 4 Slavery abolished in New York
  • Jul 23 1st US swimming school opens (Boston, Massachusetts)
  • Aug 10 Race riots in Cincinnati (1,000 blacks leave for Canada)
  • Aug 17 Dutch King Willem I and Pope Leo XII sign concord
  • Aug 22 José de La Mar becomes President of Peru

Historic Event

Sep 21 According to Joseph Smith Jr., the angel Moroni gave him a record of gold plates, one-third of which Joseph translated into The Book of Mormon

  • Oct 1 The Russian army under Ivan Paskevich storms Yerevan, ending a millennium of Muslim domination in Armenia

Historic Event

Oct 15 Charles Darwin admitted to Christ's College, Cambridge

  • Oct 20 Naval Battle of Navarino (off the Peloponnese coast): English, Russian, French combined fleet beat a Turkish and Egyptian force, paving the way for Greek independence
  • Oct 22 German chemist Friedrich Wöhler is the first to isolate pure aluminium
  • Nov 15 Creek-indians lose all their property in US
  • Nov 17 The Delta Phi fraternity, America's oldest continuous social fraternity, founded at Union College in Schenectady, New York