Historical Events in February 1836

  • Feb 3 Whig Party holds its 1st national convention (Albany NY)

Historic Event

Feb 6 HMS Beagle and Charles Darwin arrive in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania)

Historic Publication

Feb 7 "Sketches by Boz" (essays) published by Charles Dickens

  • Feb 22 Dutch garrison evacuates fort Du Bus New Guinea

Battle of the Alamo

Feb 23 Alamo besieged for 13 days until March 6 by Mexican army under General Santa Anna; entire garrison eventually killed

Historic Invention

Feb 25 Samuel Colt patents first multi-shot revolving-cylinder revolver, enabling the firearm to be fired multiple times without reloading

Historic Event

Feb 25 Showman P. T. Barnum exhibits African American slave Joice Heth, claiming she was the 161 year-old nursemaid to George Washington

  • Feb 29 Giacomo Meyerbeers opera "Les Huguenots," premieres in Paris