Historical Events in September 1864

  • Sep 1 2nd day of battle at Jonesboro Georgia, about 3,000 casualties
  • Sep 1 Skirmish at Hood evacuated confederates from Atlanta GA

Victory in Battle

Sep 2 Union General William T. Sherman captures and burns Atlanta during Savannah Campaign (US Civil War)

  • Sep 3 Battle of Berryville, Virginia, Confederate forces retreat in face of Union strength
  • Sep 3 US, British, French & Dutch naval officer sails Straits of Simonoseki
  • Sep 4 Bread riots in Mobile, Alabama
  • Sep 5 Achille François Bazaine becomes Marshall of France.
  • Sep 5 British, French & Dutch fleets attacked Japan in Shimonoseki Straits
  • Sep 16 Battle of Coggin's Point, Virginia (Hampton-Rosser Cattle Raid)
  • Sep 16 British Open Men's Golf, Prestwick GC: Tom Morris Sr. wins third title; beats fellow Scot Andrew Strath by 2 strokes
  • Sep 17 American Civil War: Grant approves Sheridan's plan for Shenandoah Valley Campaign
  • Sep 18 Battle of Martinsburg, Virginia
  • Sep 18 Hood's Tennessee campaign begins (also called The Franklin–Nashville Campaign), American Civil War
  • Sep 19 3rd Battle of Winchester, Virginia (Opequon, 3rd Winchester)
  • Sep 22 Battle of Fisher's Hill, Virginia - General Early Retreats to Brown's Gap
  • Sep 22 Sheridan sets up camp in Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • Sep 27 Battle at Pilot Knob (Ft Davidson) American Civil War, Missouri: 1700 killed/injured

Historic Event

Sep 27 Centralia Massacre: Pro-Confederate guerrillas led by William T. Anderson with Jesse James loot Centralia and attack a train on the North Missouri Railroad, executing 24 Union soldiers. Later the same day the guerillas defeat the newly formed 39th Missouri Infantry Regiment, killing 123 of its 147 solders.

  • Sep 28 -30) Battle of Fort Harrison Virginia (Chaffin's Farm New Market Heights)
  • Sep 29 Battle of Chaffin's Farm and New Market Heights in Henrico County, Virginia
  • Sep 30 Battle of Preble's Farm Virginia (Poplar Springs Church)
  • Sep 30 Black soldiers given US Medal of Honor