Historical Events in March 1897

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 4 William McKinley inaugurated as 25th president of USA

25th US President William McKinley
25th US President
William McKinley
  • Mar 5 American Negro Academy forms
  • Mar 9 Premiere of (parts of) Gustav Mahler's 3rd Symphony (Berlin)
  • Mar 9 Cleveland Spiders sign Louis Sockalexis, full-blooded Penobscot
  • Mar 9 Indians fans start calling the team "Indians" (in 1915 becomes official)
  • Mar 11 A meteorite enters the earth's atmosphere and explodes over New Martinsville, West Virginia. The debris causes damage but no human injuries are reported.
  • Mar 12 Vincent d'Indy's opera "Fervaal" premieres in Brussells
  • Mar 13 San Diego State University is founded.
  • Mar 15 1st indoor fly casting tournament opens, at Madison Square Garden
  • Mar 16 Start of Sherlock Holmes "The Adventure of The Devil's Foot" (BG)
  • Mar 17 Bob Fitzsimmons KOs James J Corbett in 14 for heavyweight boxing title
  • Mar 20 1st US orthodox Jewish Rabbinical seminary (RIETS) incorporates in NY
  • Mar 20 France signs treaty with Emperor Menelik II of Abyssinia
  • Mar 26 59th Grand National: Terry Kavanagh aboard Manifesto wins
  • Mar 29 Japan adopts Gold Standard