Historical Events in November 1925

  • Nov 1 VARA, Vereniging van Workers Radio Amateurs forms in Amsterdam
  • Nov 5 British secret agent Sidney Reilly ('Ace of Spies') is executed in a forest near Moscow by the OGPU, the secret police of the Soviet Union

Historic Event

Nov 5 Mussolini disbands Italian socialist parties

  • Nov 7 Italians liberal-national party joins fascist
  • Nov 9 German NSDAP (Nazi party) forms Schutzstaffel (SS)

Historic Event

Nov 9 Robert A. Millikan confirms the existence of cosmic rays from outer space in a speech to the National Academy of Sciences at Madison, Wisconsin

  • Nov 11 American scientist Robert A. Millikan announces discovery of cosmic rays
  • Nov 11 Earnest Thalmann becomes chairman of German KPD

Music Recording

Nov 11 Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five begin their first recording session

  • Nov 11 Night of Kersten - Prime Minister Hendrikus Colijn's Dutch government falls by SGP-amendement
  • Nov 12 US & Italy sign peace accord about war debts
  • Nov 16 American Association for Advancement of Atheism forms (NY)
  • Nov 16 Philip Barry's "In a Garden" premieres in NYC

Sports History

Nov 21 Red Grange plays final Univ of Illinois game, signs with Chicago Bears

  • Nov 24 1st radio-broadcast of Dutch KRO (Catholic Radio Broadcast)

Historic Event

Nov 24 Eugene O'Neill Theater (Coronet, Forrest) opens at 230 W 49th St NYC

  • Nov 25 KPD proposes German Parliament expropriate possession of monarchy
  • Nov 26 Netherlands & Germany sign trade agreement
  • Nov 27 German Parliament ratifies treaty of Locarno

Historic Event

Nov 28 7th French government of Aristide Briand sworn-in

  • Nov 28 Grand Ole Opry premieres as WSM Barn Dance on WSM radio Nashville, Tennessee

Sports History

Nov 28 NHL goalie Georges Vezina collapses & dies 4 months later of TB