On This Day

Historical Events in November 1931

  • Nov 1 Dupont introduces synthetic rubber
  • Nov 2 Warren, Dixon and Young's musical "Laugh Parade" premieres in NYC
  • Nov 3 First commercially produced synthetic rubber manufactured

Theater Premiere

Nov 4 Jean Genet's play "Judith" premieres in Paris

Historic Event

Nov 7 Chinese People's Republic proclaimed by Mao Zedong

  • Nov 11 Cornerstones laid for Opera House & Veteran's Building in San Francisco, California
  • Nov 12 Maple Leaf Gardens opens in Toronto - Chic Blackhawks beat Leafs, 2-1

Music History

Nov 12 Jean Sibelius and Ashton's ballet "Lady of Shalott" premieres in London

  • Nov 13 Hattie Caraway (D-AK) appointed first US woman senator
  • Nov 14 Ottawa Mint Act is proclaimed in Britain

Historic Event

Nov 17 Charles Lindbergh inaugurates Pan Am service from Cuba to South America in the Sikorsky flying boat "American Clipper"

  • Nov 20 Commercial teletype service begins (AT&T)

Film Release

Nov 21 Horror film "Frankenstein" is released, starring Boris Karloff as the monster, directed by James Whale and based on Mary Shelley's 1818 novel "Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus"

  • Nov 22 1st performance of Ferde GrofĂ©'s "Grand Canyon Suite" given by Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra at Studebaker Theater, Chicago
  • Nov 23 Nationally Crisis Committee forms in The Hague

Sports History

Nov 28 Australian cricket master batsman Don Bradman scores 226 in his first Test appearance v South Africa in 1st Test in Brisbane

  • Nov 30 His Master's Voice and Columbia Records merge into EMI