Historical Events in November 1933

Historic Event

Nov 4 Bulgarian communist Georgi Dimitrov defends himself and the ideology of communism against Hermann Goering and his Nazi accusers on charges of setting the Reichstag on fire

  • Nov 4 Young Park (1) in the Bronx named in honor of James Young
  • Nov 5 Chicago Bears 30 game unbeaten streak ends to Patriots (10-0)
  • Nov 5 Spanish Basques vote for autonomy

Election of Interest

Nov 7 Fiorello La Guardia is elected the 99th Mayor of New York City

  • Nov 7 Pennsylvania voters overturn blue law, by permitting Sunday sports

Historic Event

Nov 8 US President FDR creates Civil Works Administration

  • Nov 10 Black Blizzard snowstorm-duststorm rages from SD to Atlantic
  • Nov 11 "Great Black Blizzard" 1st of the great dust storms that created the dust bowl rips through South Dakota

Music History

Nov 11 Billie Holiday's second song and first hit, "Riffin' the Scotch", is released

  • Nov 12 1st NFL football game on a Sunday at Philadelphia's Baker Bowl - sporting events on Sunday had been illegal on Sundays; Eagles tie Chicago Bears, 3-3
  • Nov 12 1st NFL football game on a Sunday at Pittsburgh's Forbes Field - sporting events on Sunday had been illegal on Sundays; Pirates lose to Brooklyn Dodgers 32-0
  • Nov 12 First known photo of so-called Loch Ness monster is taken by Hugh Gray
  • Nov 12 Nazis receive 92% of vote in German parliamentary elections
  • Nov 13 1st modern sit-down strike by Hormel meat packers in Austin, Minnesota

Historic Event

Nov 16 Brazilian President Getulio Vargas declares himself dictator

  • Nov 16 Roosevelt establishes diplomatic relations with USSR
  • Nov 16 Swiss physicist Fritz Zwicky publishes the first evidence for the existence of dark matter in his seminal article "The Redshift of Extragalactic Nebulae" [1]
  • Nov 17 Marx brothers film "Duck Soup" directed by Leo McCarey and starring the Marx Brothers is released in the US
  • Nov 17 United States recognizes Soviet Union, opens trade
  • Nov 19 Women allowed to vote in Spain (helps right wing)
  • Nov 21 1st US ambassador to USSR, W.C. Bullitt, begins service

Film Release

Nov 24 Fred Astaire's 1st film, "Dancing Lady", released

  • Nov 25 1st Soviet liquid fuel rocket attains altitude of 261' (80m)
  • Nov 26 Camille Chautemps becomes French premier

Murder of Interest

Nov 28 A Dallas grand jury delivers a murder indictment against Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow for the January 1933 killing of Tarrant County Deputy Malcolm Davis

  • Nov 29 1st state liquor stores authorized (Pennsylvania)
  • Nov 29 Japan begins persecution of communists
  • Nov 30 CCC Camps are established in Cleveland Park District