On This Day

Historical Events in October 1945

Sports History

Oct 1 World heavyweight boxing champion Joe Louis is discharged from US army after being awarded the Legion of Merit

  • Oct 1 US Office of Strategic Services (OSS), precursor to the CIA, disbands

Music History

Oct 3 Elvis Presley's 1st public appearance at the age of 10

  • Oct 3 Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs meet in Baseball World Series for the 4th time; Hank Borowy pitches a 6-hit shutout as Cubs win Game 1, 9-0 at Briggs Stadium; Detroit wins series, 4-3
  • Oct 3 World Federation of Trade Unions forms; CIO a member
  • Oct 5 "Meet the Press" premieres on radio
  • Oct 5 Indonesian army forms
  • Oct 5 Hollywood Black Friday: A six month strike by Hollywood set decorators turns into a bloody riot at the gates of Warner Brothers' studios.

Historic Event

Oct 6 US General Eisenhower welcomed in The Hague (on Hitler's train)

  • Oct 6 Memorial for executed unveiled in Terbregge
  • Oct 6 Tavern owner "Billy Goat" Sianis buys seat for his goat for Game 4 of Baseball World Series, is escorted out and casts goat curse on Chicago Cubs
  • Oct 7 Dutch author A M de Jong's murderer Ton van Gog escapes

Historic Event

Oct 8 US President Harry Truman announces atomic bomb secret shared with Britain and Canada

  • Oct 8 Microwave oven patented by US inventor Percy Spencer
  • Oct 9 British troops occupy Andamanen in Gulf of Bengal
  • Oct 10 Baseball World Series: Detroit Tigers beat Chicago Cubs, 9-8 at Wrigley Field to clinch series, 4 games to 3; Tigers second championship

Historic Event

Oct 11 Chinese civil war begins between Kuomintang government led by Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong's Communist Party

  • Oct 11 JPL WAC Corporal Launch (1st Man-Made Object to escape Atmosphere)
  • Oct 14 Chicago Cardinals end a record 29-game losing streak, beat Bears
  • Oct 15 Baseball Attendance hits record 10.28 million (Tigers 1.28 is highest)
  • Oct 16 UN's Food & Agriculture Organization comes into existence

Historic Event

Oct 17 Loyalty Day in Argentina, mass demonstrations held to release Juan Perón

  • Oct 18 Paul Robeson wins Spingarn Medal for singing & acting achievements
  • Oct 21 Women in France allowed to vote for 1st time

Contract of Interest

Oct 23 American baseball player Jackie Robinson signs contract with Montreal Royals, minor league farm team of Brooklyn Dodgers

  • Oct 24 In France PC/PS/MRP win parliamentary election (25/24/23%)

Historic Event

Oct 25 Japanese surrender Taiwan to General Chiang Kai-shek

  • Oct 27 "Carib Song" closes at Adelphi Theater NYC after 36 performances
  • Oct 27 1st edition of Elseviers Weekly newspaper (Elseviers Magazine)
  • Oct 29 First ballpoint pen goes on sale, manufactured by Reynolds in the US (just beating biro)
  • Oct 29 Happy Chandler resigns as US Senator, remains as baseball commissioner

Historic Event

Oct 29 Getulio Vargas, President of Brazil, resigns