Historical Events in 1958 (Part 3)

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  • Sep 2 U.S. Air Force C-130A-II is shot down by fighters over Yerevan, Armenia when it strays into Soviet airspace while conducting a sigint mission. All crew lost.

Historic Publication

Sep 5 "Doctor Zhivago" novel by Boris Pasternak published in US

Television Premiere

Sep 5 "The Huckleberry Hound Show" by Hanna-Barbera featuring Yogi Bear premieres on US TV

  • Sep 5 1st color video recording on magnetic tape presented, Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Sep 5 WKPC TV channel 15 in Louisville, Kentucky (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Sep 6 Mary Ann Mobley (Miss), 21, crowned 31st Miss America 1959
  • Sep 6 US performs nuclear test at S Atlantic Ocean

US Men's Tennis Open

Sep 7 US National Championship Men's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: Ashley Cooper outlasts fellow Australian Mal Anderson 6-2, 3-6, 4-6, 10-8, 8-6 for his 3rd Grand Slam event win of the year

US Open Women's Tennis

Sep 7 US National Championship Women's Tennis, Forest Hills, NY: Defending champion Althea Gibson beats Darlene Hard 3-6, 6-1, 6-2

  • Sep 8 Oman turns over Gwadur (on Baluchistan coast) to Pakistan
  • Sep 8 Paul Anka opens Asian tour in Tokyo

Baseball Record

Sep 8 Pirate Roberto Clemente ties modern record of 3 triples in a game

  • Sep 9 Race riots in Notting Hill Gate, London
  • Sep 10 WJCT TV channel 7 in Jacksonville, FL (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Sep 11 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island

Historic Event

Sep 12 Jack Kilby demonstrates his first integrated circuit (IC) to his supervisor

  • Sep 12 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Little Rock Crisis

Sep 12 US Supreme Court orders the all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas to integrate

Sports History

Sep 13 Braves Warren Spahn is 1st lefty to win 20 or more games 9 times

  • Sep 13 Queen Juliana christens passenger ship Rotterdam
  • Sep 14 Two rockets designed by the German engineer Ernst Mohr, the first German post-war rockets, reach the upper atmosphere.
  • Sep 14 WTAE TV channel 4 in Pittsburgh, PA (ABC) begins broadcasting

Sports History

Sep 14 Yankees win 24th pennant, & 9th under Casey Stengel

  • Sep 15 Commuter train crashes through drawbridge, killing 48 in Elizabethport, New Jersey
  • Sep 17 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Sep 18 The Fresno Drop: Bank of America mails out 60,000 BankAmericards in Fresco, California, the first credit card (later renamed VISA)
  • Sep 20 Baltimore Oriole knuckleball pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm no-hits NY Yankees 1-0
  • Sep 20 Ferhat Abbas forms Algerian government in exile (Cairo)
  • Sep 20 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Sep 21 American pilots Jim Heth and Bill Burkhart complete 1st airplane flight exceeding 1200 hours (50 days, 16 minutes), landing "The Old Scotchman", their modified Cessna 172 in Dallas, Texas; record broken 123 days later [1]
  • Sep 21 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Sep 22 KTVK TV channel 3 in Phoenix, AZ (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Sep 22 US nuclear submarine USS Skate remains 31 days under the Pole (record)
  • Sep 23 Great Britain performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
  • Sep 23 Stravinsky's "Thieni" premieres in Venice
  • Sep 23 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Sep 24 1st welded aluminum girder highway bridge completed, Urbandale, Iowa
  • Sep 24 Donna Reed Show premieres on ABC
  • Sep 26 Columbia (US) beats Sceptre (Britain) in 18th America's Cup
  • Sep 26 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Sep 28 France adopts constitution
  • Sep 28 Guinea votes for independence from France
  • Sep 28 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Sep 28 USAF selects Thor over Jupiter rocket for mass production as ICBM's
  • Sep 29 "Studio One" TV Anthology Drama last airs on CBS-TV
  • Sep 29 "Summertime Blues" by Eddie Cochran peaks at #8 in US; #18 in UK
  • Sep 29 "Texan" debuts on CBS-TV
  • Sep 29 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Sep 30 French Guinee becomes independent republic Guinea
  • Sep 30 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Oct 1 Britain transfers Christmas Island (south of Java) to Australia
  • Oct 1 US space agency NASA begins operations incorporating earlier National Advisory Council on Aeronautics and other bodies
  • Oct 2 Guinea (French Guinea) gains independence from France (National Day)
  • Oct 2 Musical show "Valmouth" 1st produced in London
  • Oct 2 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR

NHL All-Star Game

Oct 4 12th NHL All-Star Game, Montreal Forum, Montreal, QC: Montreal Canadiens beat All-Stars, 6-3

  • Oct 4 French Fifth Republic is established
  • Oct 4 Transatlantic commercial jet passenger service began (BOAC)
  • Oct 5 KRTV TV channel 3 in Great Falls, MT (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • Oct 5 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Oct 5 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Oct 6 US nuclear sub USS Seawolf remains a record 60 days under the north pole
  • Oct 7 Potter Stewart appointed to US Supreme Court
  • Oct 7 US manned space-flight project renamed Project Mercury
  • Oct 8 Braves Eddie Mathews strikes out for World Series record 11th time
  • Oct 8 Dr Ake Senning installs first pacemaker (Stockholm)
  • Oct 8 KCMT TV channel 7 in Alexandria, MN (CBS/NBC/ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Oct 8 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Oct 9 Israeli navy inaugrates its first submarine
  • Oct 9 MLB World Series: NY Yankees beat Braves, 6-2 at County Stadium in Milwaukee, clinch 4 games to 3 series triumph; MVP: Yankees pitcher Bob Turley
  • Oct 10 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Oct 10 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Oct 11 "Goldilocks" opens at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC for 161 performances
  • Oct 11 2nd US Moon probe, Pioneer 1, reaches 113,810 km, falls back
  • Oct 12 CVP wins municipal elections in Belgium
  • Oct 12 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Oct 12 WJRT TV channel 12 in Flint, MI (ABC) begins broadcasting

Historic Event

Oct 13 Burial of Pope Pius XII on the 41st anniversary of the "Miracle of the Sun"

Historic Event

Oct 14 Brendan Behan's "Hostage" premieres in London

  • Oct 14 Malagasy Republic becomes autonomous republic in French Community
  • Oct 14 Paul Osborn's "World of Suzie Wong" premieres in NYC
  • Oct 14 The District of Columbia Bar Association votes to accept black Americans as members.
  • Oct 14 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Oct 15 Tunisia drops diplomatic relations with Egypt
  • Oct 15 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya, USSR

Music History

Oct 16 Benjamin Britten's "Nocturne," premieres

  • Oct 16 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Sports History

Oct 19 Stirling Moss wins season ending Moroccan Grand Prix at Ain-Diab but fellow Brit Mike Hawthorn takes World Drivers Championship from Moss by just 1 point by finishing second; first British world champion

  • Oct 19 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Oct 21 1st women in British House of Lords
  • Oct 23 De Gaulle offers Algerians defiance "peace of the brave"
  • Oct 23 Soviet novelist Boris Pasternak, wins Nobel Prize for Literature

The Smurfs TV Debut

Oct 23 The Smurfs first appear in the story "Johan and Pirlouit" by Belgium cartoonist Peyo

  • Oct 23 The Springhill Mine Bump - underground earthquake traps 174 miners in No. 2 colliery at Springhill, Nova Scotia, deepest coal mine in North America. By 1st November rescuers had dug out 100 victims, with death toll at 74.
  • Oct 23 USSR lends money to UAR to build Aswan High Dam
  • Oct 24 USSR lends Egypt 400 million rubles to build Aswan Dam
  • Oct 26 PanAm flies first transatlantic jet from New York to Paris
  • Oct 26 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Oct 27 General Ayub Khan succeeds Iskander Mirza as President of Pakistan
  • Oct 27 WEDU TV channel 3 in Tampa-St Petersburg, FL (PBS) begins broadcasting

Papal Inauguration

Oct 28 Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli elected Pope, taking name John XXIII

  • Oct 28 Pete Runnels wins Comeback Player of Year (avg went from .230 to .322)
  • Oct 29 Boris Pasternak refuses the Nobel Prize for Literature
  • Oct 29 Dr F Mason Sones is first doctor to perform a coronary angiogram
  • Oct 29 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Nov 1 USSR performs nuclear test
  • Nov 2 Los Angeles Rams beat Chicago Bears, 41-35 before 90,833 fans at the Los Angeles Coliseum; NFL single-game attendance record
  • Nov 3 USSR performs nuclear test
  • Nov 4 Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli crowned as Pope John XXIII

Historic Event

Nov 4 Belgian minority government of Gaston Eyskens resigns

  • Nov 4 Democrats win US congressional election
  • Nov 5 Gian Carlo Menotti's musical drama "Maria Golovin" opens at Martin Beck Theater, NYC; runs for 5 performances
  • Nov 5 KGLD (now KSNG) TV channel 11 in Garden City, KS (NBC) 1st broadcast
  • Nov 6 AL announces that KC will play AL record 52 night games in 1959
  • Nov 6 Belgium government of Eyskens & Lilar forms
  • Nov 8 Gian Carlo Menotti's musical drama "Maria Golovin" closes at Martin Beck Theater NYC after 5 performances

Theater Premiere

Nov 10 Bertolt Brecht's play " The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui" premieres in Stuttgart, West Germany

  • Nov 10 WUFT TV channel 5 in Gainesville, FL (PBS) begins broadcasting
  • Nov 11 "La Plume de Ma Tante" opens at Royale Theater NYC for 835 performances
  • Nov 11 AL announces Kansas City will play AL record 52 night games in 1959
  • Nov 12 Bob Turley of NY Yankees wins Cy Young Award
  • Nov 13 NYC Mayor Robert Wagner announces plans to begin a new baseball called the Continental League
  • Nov 17 KAII TV channel 7 in Wailuku, HI (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • Nov 18 1st true reservoir in Jerusalem opens
  • Nov 18 Indians minority stockholders sell their stock to William Delay
  • Nov 19 First 2 F-27 Fokker's Friendships delivered on Aer Lingus

Film & TV History

Nov 20 American puppeteers Jim and Jane Henson establish Muppets, Inc. (now known as The Jim Henson Company)

  • Nov 24 Mali becomes an autonomous state within French Community
  • Nov 25 Senegal becomes an autonomous state in French Community
  • Nov 27 USSR abrogates Allied war-time agreements on control of Germany
  • Nov 28 AL announces Opening Day in 1959 will be earliest ever, April 9
  • Nov 28 Chad becomes an autonomous republic within French community
  • Nov 28 Congo & Mauritania become autonomous members of French Community
  • Nov 28 George "Punch" Imlach becomes coach of NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Nov 28 KCOO (now KABY) TV channel 9 in Aberdeen, SD (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Nov 28 Test Cricket debut for Wes Hall, v India at Bombay
  • Nov 28 US reports 1st full-range firing of an Intercontinental ballistic missile
  • Nov 29 23rd Iron Bowl: Auburn beats Alabama 14-8 in Birmingham
  • Nov 29 CFL Grey Cup, Empire Stadium, Vancouver: Winnipeg Blue Bombers beat Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 35-28 for a 4th Championship
  • Nov 30 1st US guided missile destroyer launched - the Dewey at Bath Iron Works, Maine
  • Nov 30 WKBW TV channel 7 in Buffalo, NY (ABC) begins broadcasting
  • Dec 1 "Flower Drum Song" opens at St James Theater, NYC; runs for 602 performances
  • Dec 1 Central African Republic made autonomous member of the French Community (National Day)
  • Dec 1 Our Lady of Angels School fire kills 92 students & 3 nuns in Chicago, Illinois
  • Dec 2 1959 NFL Draft: Randy Duncan QB University of Iowa #1 pick by Green Bay Packers
  • Dec 2 24th Heisman Trophy Award: Pete Dawkins, Army (HB)
  • Dec 2 Benelux treaty signed by Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg
  • Dec 2 KNOP TV channel 2 in North Platte, NB (NBC) begins broadcasting
  • Dec 3 Indonesian parliament accepts nationalisation of Dutch businesses
  • Dec 4 American pilots Bob Timm and John Cook take off from Las Vegas, Nevada in "The Hacienda", their modified Cessna 172, in an attempt to break recently set airplane flight endurance record; effort succeeds almost 65 days later [1]
  • Dec 4 Dahomey (Benin), Ivory Coast become autonomous within French Community
  • Dec 4 Finnish government of Fagerholm resigns
  • Dec 5 Phils drop plans for NY sportcast as Yanks threat to do same in Philadelphia

Historic Event

Dec 5 Subscriber Trunk Dialling (STD) is inaugurated in the UK by Queen Elizabeth II when she speaks to the Lord Provost in a call from Bristol to Edinburgh.

  • Dec 5 The Preston bypass, the UK's first stretch of motorway, opens to traffic for the first time. It is now part of the M6 and M55 motorways.
  • Dec 5 WTOL TV channel 11 in Toledo, OH (CBS) begins broadcasting
  • Dec 6 US lunar probe Pioneer 3 reaches 107,269 km, falls back
  • Dec 7 Romulo Betancourt elected President of Venezuela
  • Dec 9 Robert W. Welch Jr and 11 other men meet in Indianapolis to form the conservative and anti-Communist John Birch Society
  • Dec 10 1st domestic (NY-Miami) passenger jet flight-National 707 flew 111
  • Dec 10 U of Pitts agrees to buy Forbes Field from the Pirates
  • Dec 11 4th (last) Dutch government of Drees falls

Theater Premiere

Dec 11 Archibald MacLeish's play "J.B." premieres in NYC

  • Dec 11 Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) gains autonomy from France
  • Dec 12 Dutch social democratic party-ministers/premier Drees dismissed
  • Dec 12 Fergie Gupte takes 9-102 with leggies v W Indies at Kanpur

Sports History

Dec 14 Pat Summerall kicks game winning field goal for the New York Giants against the Cleveland Browns at Yankee Stadium

Ballon d'Or

Dec 16 Ballon d'Or: Real Madrid's French midfielder Raymond Kopa wins award for best football player in Europe ahead of German winger Helmut Rahn and French forward Just Fontaine

  • Dec 16 Bogota warehouse fire kills 82

Sports History

Dec 17 Ted Lindsay becomes highest scoring left wing in NHL history, passing Aurel Joliat who retired with 270; scores twice and adds an assist In Chicago Black Hawks' 5-2 win over the Boston Bruins at Chicago Stadium

  • Dec 18 Niger gains autonomy within French Community (National Day)
  • Dec 18 Project SCORE, world’s 1st communications satellite launched from Cape Canaveral

Historic Communication

Dec 19 1st radio broadcast from space, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower Christmas message "to all mankind, America's wish for peace on Earth and goodwill to men everywhere"

Historic Event

Dec 21 Charles de Gaulle wins 7 year term as 1st President of the 5th Republic of France

  • Dec 22 "Chipmunk Song" reaches #1
  • Dec 22 "Whoop-Up" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 56 performances
  • Dec 22 2nd Dutch Beel government forms
  • Dec 23 Abdallah Ibrahim forms government in Morocco
  • Dec 23 Musical revue "Party with Comden & Green" opens at John Golden Yheater, NYC; runs for 38 performances
  • Dec 25 Alan Freed's Christmas Rock & Roll Spectacular opens
  • Dec 28 "The Greatest Game Ever Played": Baltimore Colts win the 26th NFL championship against the New York Giants 23-17 at Yankee Stadium, in the first ever sudden-death overtime game in NFL history. 17 future members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame were involved in the game.
  • Dec 28 Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon & Theodore with David Seville) hits #1
  • Dec 29 TV soap "Young Dr Malone" debuts
  • Dec 30 French franc devalued
  • Dec 31 47th Davis Cup: USA beats Australia in Brisbane (3-2)

Sports History

Dec 31 Bill Shoemaker 1st jockey to win national riding championship 4X

Historic Event

Dec 31 Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista tells his Cabinet he is fleeing the country

  • Dec 31 International Geophyscial Year ends