On This Day

Historical Events in July 1962

  • Jul 1 Algeria votes for independence from France
  • Jul 1 Burundi & Rwanda gain independence from Belgium (National Days)

Historic Event

Jul 2 Cuba's Minister of Foreign affairs Raúl Castro arrives in Moscow

Historic Event

Jul 2 Sam Walton opens his first Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas

  • Jul 3 Algerian Revolution against French rule ends (Algeria gains independence on 5th July)
  • Jul 4 KIKU (now KHNL) TV channel 13 in Honolulu, HI (IND) 1st broadcast
  • Jul 5 96 murder at massacre in Oran, Algeria
  • Jul 5 Algeria gains independence after 132 years of French rule

Wimbledon Men's Tennis

Jul 6 Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Rod Laver beats fellow Australian Martin Mulligan 6-2, 6-2, 6-1 for the 3rd leg of his first Grand Slam

  • Jul 6 Emir Said al-Djazairi takes van Algerian throne in Syria

Baseball Record

Jul 6 NY Yankees 'M&M boys' Roger Maris & Mickey Mantle hit 2 HRs each in 7-5 win v Twins, Mantle his 4th consecutive homer

  • Jul 6 Nuclear test shot Sedan; part of Operation Plowshare
  • Jul 7 Wimbledon Women's Tennis: American Karen Susman beats Věra Suková of Czechoslovakia 6-4, 6-4 for her only Grand Slam singles title
  • Jul 7 Bill Hartack becomes 8th jockey to win 3,000 American thoroughbred races
  • Jul 7 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Jul 9 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Johnston Island

Historic Event

Jul 9 Andy Warhol's first West Coast gallery exhibition in the Ferus Gallery of Los Angeles

  • Jul 10 32nd All Star Baseball Game: NL wins 3-1 at D.C. Stadium, Washington

Historic Event

Jul 10 Martin Luther King Jr. arrested during demonstration in Georgia

  • Jul 10 Telstar, 1st geosynchronous communications satellite, launched
  • Jul 10 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
  • Jul 11 1st transatlantic TV transmission via satellite (Telstar I)
  • Jul 11 Brothers Hank snd Tommie Aaron homer in same inning
  • Jul 11 Cosmonaut Micolaev set then record longest space flight - 4 days
  • Jul 11 Fred Baldasare is 1st to swim English Channel underwater (scuba)
  • Jul 11 US performs atmospheric nuclear test at Christmas Island
  • Jul 11 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Jul 12 1st time 2 manned crafts in space (USSR)
  • Jul 12 Rolling Stones 1st performance (Marquee Club, London)
  • Jul 13 500 Indonesian parachutist land on New Guinea

British Golf Open

Jul 13 British Open Men's Golf, Royal Troon: Arnold Palmer wins his 2nd consecutive Open, 6 strokes clear of runner-up Kel Nagle of Australia

  • Jul 13 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Jul 14 Borehole for Mont Blanc tunnel finished
  • Jul 14 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
  • Jul 15 Algeria becomes member of Arab League
  • Jul 15 Netherlands and Indonesia reach agreement over New Guinea

Sports History

Jul 15 49th Tour de France; Defending champion Jacques Anquetil of France claims his 3rd Tour victory

  • Jul 17 East Berliner Peter Fechter flees over Berlin Wall
  • Jul 17 Robert White in X-15 sets altitude record of 108 km (354,300 ft)
  • Jul 17 Senate rejects medicare for aged
  • Jul 17 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site

Sports History

Jul 18 Minnesota Twins Bob Allison and Harmon Killebrew hit grand slams in 1st inn & Harmon Killebrew connect in a club-record, 11-run 1st inning

  • Jul 19 Hungarian communist party expels Rákosi & Gero

Music History

Jul 20 Dmitri Shostakovich completes his 13th Symphony

  • Jul 20 France and Tunisia recover diplomatic relations
  • Jul 21 160 civil right activists jailed after demonstration in Albany, Georgia
  • Jul 21 Battles on Chinese & Indies boundary
  • Jul 22 1st US Venus probe, Mariner 1, fails at lift-off

PGA Championship

Jul 22 PGA Championship Men's Golf, Aronimink GC: Gary Player of South Africa wins by 1 stroke from Bob Goalby

  • Jul 22 Chicago White Sox outfielder Floyd Robinson goes 6 for 6 (all singles) as WS defeat Boston Red Sox, 7-3 at Fenway Park
  • Jul 23 The International Agreement on the Neutrality of Laos is signed
  • Jul 26 Maria Oeljanov, 1st airship with nuclear missiles, arrives in Cuba

Baseball Record

Jul 26 Milwaukee Brave Warren Spahn sets HR record of 31 by a pitcher

  • Jul 27 Mariner 2 launched to Venus; flyby mission
  • Jul 27 Martin Luther King Jr. jailed in Albany, Georgia
  • Jul 27 USSR performs nuclear Test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Jul 28 19 die in a train crash in Steelton, Pennsylvania
  • Jul 28 Mariner I launched to Mars falls into Atlantic Ocean
  • Jul 30 33rd All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 9-4 at Wrigley Field, Chicago
  • Jul 30 All star MVP: Leon Wagner (LA Angels)
  • Jul 31 England fast bowler Brian Statham becomes Test cricket's leading wicket-taker with world-record tally of 237 as Australian wicketkeeper Barry Shepherd is caught by Fred Truman for 10 in drawn 4th Test in Adelaide