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Historical Events on February 21 (Part 2)

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  • 2018 Norwegian cross country skiers Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Johannes Høsflot & Klæbo win their 2nd Olympic gold medals in Pyeongchang in the men's team sprint freestyle; trio also wins gold in 4 x 10k relay

MyanmarLaykyun Sekkya

2018 Laykyun Sekkya, the world's third tallest statue at 116 meters (381 ft) depicting Gautama Buddha completed in Khatakan Taung, Myanmar
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The Laykyun Sekkya Buddha, Myanmar
The Laykyun Sekkya Buddha, Myanmar
  • 2019 Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa-2 touches down on asteroid Ryugu on mission to collect rock samples
  • 2019 The Lunar Library, a 30 million page digital library launched on board Israel’s Beresheet Lunar Lander, aiming to be stored on the Moon