Historical Events on June 30

Events 1 - 200 of 298

  • 296 St Marcellinus begins his reign as Catholic Pope
  • 350 Roman usurper Nepotianus, of the Constantinian dynasty, is defeated and killed by troops of the usurper Magnentius, in Rome
  • 833 Louis crowned King of Austria
  • 949 Otto I the Great gives away bishopric of Utrecht "foreestrecht"
  • 1294 Jews are expelled from Berne, Switzerland
  • 1371 Arnold II of Horne chosen bishop of Utrecht
  • 1377 Foundation stone laid for Ulm Minster, in Ulm, Germany. Will not be completed until 1890, when it becomes the tallest church in the world.
  • 1397 Denmark, Norway and Sweden sign Union of Kalmar under Queen Margaretha
  • 1422 Battle of Arbedo between the Duke of Milan and the Swiss cantons

Historic Event

1520 Spanish conquistadors are expelled from Tenochtitlan following an Aztec revolt against their rule under Hernán Cortés during "La Noche Triste" (the Night of Sadness). Many soldiers drown in the escape, and Aztec emperor Moctezuma II dies in the struggle

  • 1528 Burgundian army occupies Utrecht

Historic Event

1548 Augsburg Interim issued by Charles V becomes law - orders Lutherans to return to Catholic practices with some concessions

Historic Event

1559 King Henry II of France is seriously injured in a jousting match against Gabriel de Montgomery

  • 1596 English and Dutch fleet begin attack of the Spain fleet moored at Cádiz during the Anglo-Spanish war. Leads also to the looting and burning of the city of Cádiz.

Historic Event

1598 King Philip II of Spain moves to El Escorial royal palace (dies there three months later)

  • 1607 Annales Ecclesiastici (Scientific History of Catholicism) published
  • 1643 Battle of Adwalton Moor: Royalists beat parliamentary army during First English Civil war
  • 1648 French premier cardinal Mazarin calls Saint Louis Chamber together
  • 1651 The Deluge: Khmelnytsky Uprising - the Battle of Beresteczko ends with a Polish victory
  • 1665 The number of deaths in London from the Great Plague during June is recorded as 6,137 people

Historic Event

1688 Whig Lords questions prince William III of Orange on Protestantism

  • 1690 Battle of Beachy Head: French under Tourville beat Dutch English fleet

Gregory Conquers Julius Caesar

1700 Gelderland goes on Gregorian calendar (tomorrow is 12/7/1700)

  • 1704 First trial for piracy by the British Admiralty Court outside of Britain finds Captain John Quelch and five crew guilty, sentenced to hang the same day [1]

Historic Event

1722 Hungarian Parliament condemns Emperor Charles VI's Pragmatic Sanctions

  • 1734 Russian army occupies Danzig

Historic Event

1737 British Commissioners of Longitude grant self-taught clockmaker John Harrison £500 after the successful trial of his first longitude clock [1]

  • 1741 Pope Benedict XIV encyclical forbidding traffic in alms
  • 1755 Philippines close all non-catholic Chinese restaurants
  • 1758 Seven Years' War: The Battle of Domstadtl results in Austrian victory over Prussia in Moravia
  • 1794 Seige of Fort Recovery, Ohio, Anglo American army holds off an attack on the fort by an Indian confederacy
  • 1805 Michigan Territory organizes
  • 1815 US naval hero Stephen Decatur ends attacks by Algerian pirates
  • 1834 Congress creates Indian Territory (now Oklahoma)
  • 1851 Battle of Viervoet: Basotho forces led by Moshoeshoe defeat the British over the British imposed Walden line
  • 1859 French acrobat Charles Blondin is 1st to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope

Historic Event

1860 Famous debate on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution held at the Oxford University Museum and dominated by arguments between Thomas Henry Huxley and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce

  • 1861 CSS Sumter slips past USS Brooklyn blockade
  • 1862 Battle of Glendale [Frayser's Farm], day 6 of 7 days battles, Virginia Confederate assault attack (US Civil War)
  • 1862 French writer Gustave Flaubert completes his novel "Salammbo"
  • 1863 Battles in Hanover, Pennsylvania: 80 casualties
  • 1863 Dutch colony Suriname counts population of 33,000 slaves
  • 1863 Skirmish at Sporting Hill, Pennsylvania

Historic Event

1864 Yosemite Grant Act signed by President Abraham Lincoln bestowing 200,000 acres to the state of California, establishes America's first state-controlled park [1]

  • 1865 8 alleged conspirators in assassination of Lincoln are found guilty
  • 1870 Ada Kepley becomes 1st American female law college graduate (Old University of Chicago, later Northwestern)
  • 1871 Guatemala revolts for agrarian reforms
  • 1876 Serbia declares war on Turkey
  • 1879 Ex-khedive Ismael Pasha leaves Cairo with train full of stolen goods
  • 1881 Henry Highland Garnet named US minister to Liberia
  • 1893 Excelsior diamond (blue-white 995 carats) then world's largest, discovered in Jagersfontein Mine, South Africa
  • 1894 Korea declares independence from China, asks for Japanese aid
  • 1894 London's Tower Bridge opens across the Thames
  • 1896 William S. Hadaway patents an electric stove in the US
  • 1897 Wimbledon Men's Tennis: R.F. Doherty beats Harold Mahony 6-4 6-4 6-3 for the first of 4 titles
  • 1898 Winton Motor Carriage Company publishes the first known automobile ad in Scientific American using the headline “dispense with a horse.”
  • 1899 Spin bowler Jack Hearne takes England cricket's first Test hat-trick vs Australia in drawn 3rd Test at Headingley; dismisses champion middle order trio Clem Hill, Syd Gregory and Monty Noble
  • 1900 4 German liners burn at Hobokon Docks in New Jersey, 326 die
  • 1902 Cleveland is 1st AL team to hit 3 consecutive HRs in same inning
  • 1902 Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Laurence Doherty wins his first Wimbledon singles title beating defending champion Arthur Gore 6-4, 6-3, 3-6, 6-0
  • 1903 Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Laurence Doherty beats Frank Riseley 7-5, 6-3, 6-0 for his second consecutive title
  • 1903 Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Dorothea Chambers beats Ethel Larcombe 4-6, 6-4, 6-2, the first of 7 titles

Historic Event

1905 Conservative Australian Prime Minister George H. Reid is forced to resign and Alfred Deakin returns to power on July 5

  • 1905 In Russia, the "Potemkin" arrives at Odessa, where sailors take the bodies of dead crewman ashore; sailors join civilians in revolutionary actions of the '1905 Revolution'
  • 1905 The crew of the Russian battleship "Georgei Pobiedonosets" mutinies in support of the "Potemkin", which mutinied three days earlier
  • 1906 John Hope becomes 1st black president of Atlanta Baptist College (later known as Morehouse College)

Historic Event

1906 US Congress passes the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act; these laws owe much to the expose journalism of the period (Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle' in particular)

Was Mystery Blast Caused by Aliens?

1908 A giant fireball, most likely caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet flattens 80 million trees near the Stony Tunguska River in Yeniseysk Governorate, Russia, in the largest impact event in recorded history

Sports History

1908 At 41 years, 3 months future Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Cy Young becomes oldest player to record a third career no-hitter as Boston Red Sox beat NY Highlanders, 8-0

  • 1908 Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Arthur Gore takes his 2nd of 3 Wimbledon titles beating Herbert Roper-Barrett 6-3, 6-2, 4-6, 3-6, 6-4

Wimbledon Women's Tennis

1908 Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Charlotte Cooper Sterry wins her 5th and final Wimbledon title with a 6-4, 6-4 win over Agnes Morton

Boxing Title Fight

1909 Jack Johnson fights Tony Ross to a no decision in 6 rounds at Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to retain his heavyweight boxing title

Wimbledon Men's Tennis

1910 Wimbledon Men's Tennis: New Zealander Anthony Wilding beats Arthur Gore 6-4, 7-5, 4-6, 6-2 for his 1st of 4 consecutive Wimbledon singles titles

  • 1911 Adolphe Messimy appointed French Minister of War

Sports History

1911 British Open Men's Golf, Royal St George's Golf Club: Harry Vardon wins his 5th Championship by 10 shots in a playoff with 1907 champion Arnaud Massy of France

  • 1911 US Assay Office in St Louis, Missouri closes
  • 1913 To increase the peacetime strength of the German Army, the Reichstag pass the Army and Finance Bills, a massive defense buildup

Historic Event

1914 Mahatma Gandhi's 1st arrest after campaigning for Indian rights in South Africa

  • 1916 US Open Men's Golf, Minikahda GC: Amateur Chick Evans leads wire-to-wire to set new Open scoring record and win his only Open title, 2 strokes ahead of runner-up Jock Hutchison
  • 1918 Prominent US Socialist and Pacifist Eugene Debs is arrested on charges of denouncing the government, a violation of the Espionage Act of 1917
  • 1921 The South African Reserve Bank is established
  • 1924 England score 2-503 in day's play v South Africa at Lord's

Election of Interest

1924 J. B. M. Hertzog becomes Primes Minister, head of a coalition government between the National and Labour Parties in South Africa

  • 1925 Charles Jenkins is granted the U.S. patent for Transmitting Pictures over Wireless (early television)
  • 1927 Nicaraguan revolutionary Augusto César Sandino issues his Manifesto Politico
  • 1927 US Assay Office in Deadwood, South Dakota closes
  • 1928 Radio Service Bulletin lists radio stations call signs that are to be changed to conform with international standards

US Golf Open

1929 US Open Men's Golf, Winged Foot CC: Bobby Jones wins his third US Open title in a 36-hole playoff, dominating Al Espinosa by 23 strokes on the West Course

  • 1930 1st round-the-world radio broadcast Schenectady, NY

Cricket History

1930 Australian cricket maestro Don Bradman sets up a 7 wicket victory with a patient 254 in 2nd Test v England at Lord's; 'The Don' hits 25 fours off 376 balls

  • 1933 50,000 demonstrate in Antwerp against fascism/war
  • 1933 LPGA Western Open Women's Golf, Olympia Fields CC: June Beebe beats Jane Weiller, 3 & 2 for golf's only major title
  • 1933 US Assay Offices close in Helena, MT, Boise, ID and Salt Lake City, UT

Historic Event

1934 "Night of Long Knives" - Adolf Hitler stages a bloody purge of the Nazi party

  • 1934 Detroit radio executive George Richards pays $7,952.08 to buy NFL's Portsmouth Spartans; moves team to Detroit and rebrands it to 'Lions'
  • 1934 French Equatorial Africa constituted a single administrative unit
  • 1935 Danno O'Mahoney beats Ed George in Boston, to become wrestling champ
  • 1935 The Senegalese Socialist Party holds its first congress
  • 1936 40 hour work week law approved for US federal employees

Historic Event

1936 Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie asks the League of Nations for sanctions against Italy

Historic Publication

1936 Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone With The Wind" published

  • 1937 The world's first emergency call telephone service is launched in London using the number 999
  • 1938 Final game at Philadelphia's Baker Bowl, Giants beat Philadelphia 14-1
  • 1938 Superman 1st appears in DC Comics' Action Comics Series issue #1
  • 1939 Heinkel He 176 rocket plane flies for 1st time, at Peenemunde
  • 1940 "Brenda Starr, Reporter", 1st cartoon strip by a woman, Dale [Dalia] Messick, begins as a comic-book supplement to Chicago's Sunday Tribune
  • 1940 German troops begin the invasion of the undefended Channel Islands
  • 1940 US Fish and Wildlife Service forms
  • 1941 Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) declare Ukraine independent
  • 1941 World War II: Operation Barbarossa - Germany captures Lviv, Ukraine
  • 1942 Col-general Von Paul's 6th Army enters Ukraine
  • 1942 U-boats sink and damage 146 allied ships this month (700,227 tons)
  • 1942 US bombs Celebes and Timor
  • 1942 US Mint in New Orleans ceases operation

Historic Event

1943 General MacArthur begins Operation Cartwheel (island-hopping)

  • 1944 Allies land on Vogelkop, New Guinea
  • 1944 French Cotentin Peninsula in allied hands
  • 1944 Universal strike against Nazi terror in Copenhagen
  • 1944 World War II: The Battle of Cherbourg ends with the fall of the strategically valuable port to American forces
  • 1945 17-day newspaper strike in NY begins
  • 1948 Cleveland Indians' future Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Lemon no-hits Detroit Tigers, 2-0
  • 1948 Last British troops leave Israel
  • 1948 Transistor as a substitute for valves announced (Bell Labs)
  • 1949 Dutch troops evacuate Jakarta
  • 1950 US General MacArthur visits front in South Korea, asks for US troops

Television Finale

1951 "Victor Borge Show" last airs on NBC-TV

  • 1951 NAACP begins attack on school segregation & discrimination
  • 1952 "Guiding Light" soap opera moves from radio to TV
  • 1952 Hussein Sirri Pasha forms Egyptian government
  • 1953 1st Chevrolet Corvette manufactured
  • 1954 Largest check: Internal US Treasury check at $4,176,969,623.57

Television Debut

1955 "Johnny Carson Show" debuts on CBS-TV

  • 1956 HArry WArren and JAmes Hilton's musical "Shangri-La", based on Hilton's novel "Lost Horizon, and featuring Jack Cassidy and Alice Ghostley, closes at Winter Garden Theater, NYC, after 21 performances

Musical Finale

1956 Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical "Pipe Dream", based on John Steinbeck's novel "Sweet Thursday", closes at Shubert Theater, NYC, after 245 performances, and a Tony Award for costume design

  • 1956 United DC-7 & TWA collide over Grand Canyon killing 128

Historic Publication

1956 Vladimir Lenin's politics testament (1923) published in Moscow

  • 1958 "No Chemise, Please" by Gerry Grenahan peaks at #24
  • 1958 Dutch government of Drees ends obligatory dismissal of married teachers
  • 1959 During a game in Wrigley Field, 2 balls are in play at same time
  • 1960 US stops sugar import from Cuba
  • 1960 Zaire (formerly Belgian Congo) declares independence from Belgium
  • 1961 Buddy Rogers beats Pat O'Conner in Chicago, to become NWA champ
  • 1961 NASA Explorer Micrometeoroid research mission fails to reach Earth orbit
  • 1962 French Foreign Legion leaves Algeria

Sports History

1962 LA Dodgers' future Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax no-hits New York Mets, 5-0; first of 4 career no-hitters thrown by Koufax

  • 1962 Premier Ben Khedda disbands Algerian Liberation Army fighters
  • 1962 Rwanda and Burundi become independent
  • 1962 US Open Women's Golf, Dunes Golf & Beach Club: Murle Lindstrom wins her first LPGA Tour victory, 2 strokes ahead of runners-up Ruth Jessen and Jo Ann Prentice
  • 1963 Ciaculli massacre: A car bomb, intended for Mafia boss Salvatore Greco, kills seven police and military officers near Palermo
  • 1963 International Labour Organisation excludes South Africa from its two-day meeting because of its apartheid policies
  • 1964 Centaur 3 launch vehicle fails to make Earth orbit
  • 1964 Last UN troops leave Congo

Sports History

1965 NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle grants ownership of the Atlanta Falcons to Rankin Smith Sr., Executive VP of Life Insurance Company of Georgia; Rankin pays then-record $8.5 million

  • 1966 England spin bowler Derek Underwood goes wicketless in his Test cricket debut v West Indies at Nottingham; captures 297 wickets in illustrious 86 Test career
  • 1966 Leopoldville, Congo, is renamed Kinshasa
  • 1966 Richard Helms promoted from deputy director to 8th director of US Central Intelligence Agency
  • 1966 The Beatles land in Tokyo, Japan for what becomes their final concert tour there - they perform 5 shows at the Budokan Hall over 3 days, and collaborate on a painting while there
  • 1966 Vice Admiral William F. Raborn Jr., USN, ends term as 7th director of CIA
  • 1967 Former Congolese Prime Minister Moise Tsjombe's plane hijacked to Algeria
  • 1967 Philadelphia Phillies utility man Cookie Rojas pitches a scoreless 9th inning in 12-3 loss to SF Giants; Rojas had now played all 9 positions since arriving in MLB in 1963

Historic Event

1967 Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr. named 1st black astronaut

  • 1968 East German Communist Party leader Walter Ulbricht receives "Order of October Revolution"
  • 1968 Gaullists win French parliamentary election, 358 of 458 seats
  • 1969 In South Africa, General Laws Amendment Bill is passed; the Bill contains far-reaching provisions and restrictions affecting the administration of justice and the disclosure of evidence
  • 1969 Spain cedes Ifni to Morocco
  • 1970 Cincinnati's Riverfront Stadium opens as the visiting Atlanta Braves beat Reds, 8-2; demolished 2002
  • 1971 Crew of Russian space mission Soyuz 11 found dead upon arrival on earth (only people to die in space)
  • 1972 One leap second is added to the UTC time system; also 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985
  • 1972 Ulster Defence Association (UDA) begin to organise its own 'no-go' areas (this is a response to the continuation of Republican 'no-go' areas and fears about concessions to the IRA)
  • 1973 "Burns & Schreiber Comedy Hour" TV Variety; debut on ABC
  • 1973 Biggest US tanker "Brooklyn" christened (230,000 ton)
  • 1973 Observers aboard Concorde jet observe 72-min solar eclipse
  • 1974 Canadian Open Golf (Peter Jackson Classic), Candiac GC: Carole Jo Skala wins by 3 from JoAnn Carner
  • 1974 Petty thief Peter Leonard sets fire to hide his burglary at a bowling alley, fires spreads next door to "Gulliver's" nightclub killing 24 (Port Chester, New York)
  • 1974 Soviet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov defects to the West
  • 1975 Bundy victim Shelley Robertson disappears in Colorado

Boxing Title Fight

1975 Muhammad Ali retains world heavyweight boxing crown by beating Englishman Joe Bugner by unanimous points decision in a re-match in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 1975 University of California reports galaxy 3C123 at 8 billion light years distance
  • 1976 John Walker of NZ sets record for 2000 meters, 4:51.4

Historic Event

1977 Jimmy Carter cans B-1A bomber later "B-1's the B-52"

Historic Publication

1977 Marvel Comics publish "Kiss book" tributing rock group Kiss

  • 1977 US Railway Post Office final train run (NY to Washington, D.C.)
  • 1977 Yankee DH Cliff Johnson hit 3 consecutive HRs in Toronto
  • 1978 Future Baseball Hall of Fame outfielder Larry Doby becomes only the second African-American manager in MLB with the Chicago White Sox

Baseball Record

1978 Giants' Willie McCovey becomes 12th to hit 500 HRs

  • 1979 "Good Times" single released by Chic (Billboard Song of the Year 1979)
  • 1979 "Got To Go Disco" closes at Minskoff Theater NYC after 8 performances

TV Show Appearance

1979 British punk rocker johnny rotten and British actress Joan Collins appear together on BBC TV's "Juke Box Jury"

  • 1979 Davona Dale wins the Coaching Club American Oaks at Belmont to clinch American thoroughbred racing's Triple Tiara for fillies
  • 1980 British sixpence demonetised after being in used since 1551 and 12 years after introduction of decimal currency
  • 1980 West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt visits Moscow

Historic Event

1981 China's Communist Party condemns late Mao Zedong's policy

  • 1981 Zwelakhe Sisulu, President of the Black Media Workers Association of South Africa, is detained
  • 1982 "Lena Horne: Lady, Music" closes at Nederlander, NYC, after 333 performances

Historic Event

1982 Federal Equal Rights Amendment fails 3 states short of ratification

  • 1982 New Jersey NHL franchise officially named Devils by fan balloting; legend of the Jersey Devil, a creature that allegedly inhabited the Pine Barrens of South Jersey
  • 1982 Orbiter Challenger (OV-099) rolled out at Palmdale
  • 1983 KBS Special Live Broadcast “Finding Dispersed Families” begins daily in Korea, documenting reunion attempts after the Cold War (later included in UNESCO's Memory of the World) [1]
  • 1984 Failed coup by cocaine growers in Bolivia