On This Day

Historical Events on June 6

  • 640 Arab Muslim army sent by Caliph Omar begins siege of Heliopolis, city succumbs mid to late July, paving way for Muslim conquest of Byzantine Egypt
  • 1002 German King Henry II the Saint crowned
  • 1242 24 wagonloads of Talmudic books burned in Paris
  • 1328 Franciscan theologian William of Ockham [Occam] excommunicated by Pope John XXII
  • 1391 Inhabitants of Seville, Spain, massacre 5,000 Jews
  • 1513 Battle of Novara, the War of the League of Cambrai: the Swiss Confederacy defeat the French
  • 1520 France and England sign treaty of Scotland
  • 1523 Gustav Vasa is elected King of Sweden, marking the end of the Kalmar Union
  • 1536 Mexico begins its inquisition
  • 1639 Massachusetts grants 500 acres of land to erect a gunpowder mill
  • 1654 Queen Christina of Sweden resigns and converts to Catholicism
  • 1665 Battle at Monte Carlo: English and Portuguese armies beat Spain
  • 1673 France and Brandenburg sign peace treaty
  • 1683 The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England, opens as the world's first university museum
  • 1716 French transport the 1st African slaves to Louisiana
  • 1744 France and Prussia sign peace treaty
  • 1752 3rd great fire in Moscow in 2 weeks; 1/3 of city destroyed
  • 1772 Haitian explorer Jean Baptiste-Pointe Dusable settles in Chicago
  • 1787 Franklin College founded, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Now part of Franklin & Marshall College.
  • 1795 Fire destroy 1/3 of Copenhagen; 18,000 injured
  • 1801 Peace of Badajoz: Spain-Portugal
  • 1809 Sweden declares independence, constitutional monarchy established with a new constitution empowering Riksdag after 20 years of absolute monarchy
  • 1813 US invasion of Canada halted at Stoney Creek (Ontario)

Eruption of Mount Tambora

1816 10" of snowfall in New England, part of a "year without a summer" which followed the eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia

Historic Event

1822 Alexis St. Martin shot in the stomach and treated by physician William Beaumont on Mackinac Island. Leads Beaumont to conduct digestion experiments through hole in St. Martin's stomach.

  • 1831 2nd US national black convention (Philadelphia)
  • 1832 The barricades fall and the Paris student uprisings of 1832 end

Historic Event

1844 Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) formed by George Williams in London

  • 1848 New York Yacht Club holds its first annual regatta; won by the schooner Carnelia
  • 1859 Australia: Queensland is established as a separate colony from New South Wales (Queensland Day).
  • 1861 Lincoln's cabinet declares Union government will pay for expenses once states have mobilized volunteers
  • 1862 Battle of Memphis fought on the Mississippi River, Union forces defeat Confederate fleet leading to the city's surrender
  • 1862 Skirmish at Harrisonburg, Virginia, sees the Confederates win a minor victory in the Battle of Good's Farm
  • 1863 Battle of Milliken's Bend, Louisiana and Williamsport, Maryland
  • 1864 Battle of Lake Chicot, Arkansas (Dutch Bayou)
  • 1875 Netherlands joins the gold standard
  • 1882 Cyclone in Arabian Sea (Bombay, India) drowns 100,000 (disputed event)
  • 1882 Electric iron patented by Henry W Seely, NYC
  • 1882 Ethiopia: Shewan forces of Menelik defeat the Gojjame army in the Battle of Embabo. The Shewans capture Negus Tekle Haymanot of Gojjam, their victory leads to a Shewan hegemony over the territories south of the Abay River.
  • 1885 19th Belmont: Paul Duffy aboard Tyrant wins in 2:43
  • 1889 Great Fire in Seattle destroys 25 downtown blocks
  • 1890 United States Polo Association forms, NYC
  • 1892 Chicago South Side Elevated Railroad opens (1st 3.6 miles)
  • 1896 21st Preakness: Henry Griffin aboard Margrave wins in 1:51
  • 1896 Frank Samuelsen and George Harbo leave NY harbor to row across Atlantic; their 55 day record for rowing was not broken for 114 years
  • 1900 Boxers cut off all railroad links between Peking and Tientsin, main port city of Peking
  • 1900 US Congress pass an act authorizing a civil code and government for the territory of Alaska after gold discoveries bring lawlessness and disorder to the area

Sports History

1901 British Open Men's Golf, Muirfield: Scotsman James Braid wins first of 5 Open titles by 3 strokes from Harry Vardon of Jersey

  • 1903 President Emile Loubet of France and Minister of Foreign Affairs Theophile Declasse visit London, furthering the cause of Entente Cordiale between Britain and France
  • 1904 National Tuberculosis Association organized, Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • 1905 French Foreign minister Delcasse resigns on German request
  • 1906 Paris Métro Line 5 is inaugurated with a first section from Place d'Italie to the Gare d'Orléans (today known as Gare d'Austerlitz)
  • 1911 Nicaragua signs treaty turning over customs to US (not ratified)

Eruption of Novarupta

1912 The eruption of Novarupta in Alaska begins, the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century

  • 1913 Rabbit Maranville, is thrown out trying to steal home 3 times
  • 1914 1st air flight out of sight of land (Scotland to Norway)
  • 1916 Voters in East Cleveland approves women suffrage

Historic Event

1916 The death of Yuan Shikai, ruler of much of China since 1912, causes the central government to virtually collapse in the face of warlords, including Sun Yat-sen

  • 1918 Battle of Belleau Wood, 1st US victory of WW I
  • 1919 Assent is given to an Act to amend the Canadian Currency Act, 1910
  • 1919 Finland declares war on bolsheviks
  • 1919 The Republic of Prekmurje ends
  • 1920 Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel opens White Russian offensive against red Army
  • 1921 Detroit Stars' Bill Gatewood pitches the 1st no-hitter in Negro League history, defeating the Cuban Stars 4-0

Historic Event

1921 Southwark Bridge in London is opened to traffic by King George V and Queen Mary.

Historic Event

1923 Gangster Albert Anastasia is convicted of illegal possession of a firearm and sentenced to two years in prison

Radio Premiere

1923 Edgar Wallace becomes the first British radio sports reporter reporting on The Derby for the British Broadcasting Company

US Golf Open

1924 US Open Men's Golf, Oakland Hills CC: Unknown Englishman Cyril Walker wins his only major title, 3 strokes ahead of runner-up and defending champion Bobby Jones

Historic Event

1925 Walter Chrysler founds automobile manufacturer Chrysler Corporation

  • 1925 French Championships Men's Tennis: René Lacoste wins 1st of 3 French titles, beating fellow Frenchman Jean Borotra 7-5, 6-1, 6-4
  • 1925 French Women's Tennis Championships: Suzanne Lenglen beats Kitty McKane 6-1, 6-2
  • 1926 Egyptian government of Adly Pasha forms
  • 1931 Belgian government of Henri Jaspar falls
  • 1931 "There Ought To Be A Moonlight Saving Time" by Guy Lombardo hits #1
  • 1931 NY Yankees turn triple-play but lose 7-5 to Cleveland Indians
  • 1932 Ijsselmeervogels soccer team forms in Spakenburg
  • 1932 The Revenue Act of 1932 is enacted, creating the first gas tax in the United States, at a rate of 1 cent per US gallon (1/4 ¢/L) sold
  • 1932 French Championships Men's Tennis: Henri Cochet wins 7th and final Grand Slam singles title; beats Giorgio de Stefani of Italy 6-0, 6-4, 4-6, 6-3

Sports History

1932 37th Women's French Championships: Helen Wills Moody beats Simonne Mathieu (7-5, 6-1)

  • 1933 1st drive-in theater opens (Camden New Jersey)
  • 1933 US Employment Service created
  • 1934 Securities & Exchange Commission established
  • 1934 Yankee Myrl Hoag hits 6 singles in one game
  • 1936 US Open Men's Golf, Baltusrol GC: Relatively unknown pro Tony Manero wins by 2 strokes from runner-up Harry Cooper
  • 1936 68th Belmont: James Stout aboard Granville wins in 2:30
  • 1936 Aviation gasoline 1st produced commercially Paulsboro, New Jersey
  • 1937 Philadelphia Phillies trailing 8-2 to St Louis, forfeit game

Historic Event

1938 Sigmund Freud arrives in London

  • 1939 NY Giants beat Reds 17-3, with 5 HRs in 4th inning
  • 1939 NY supreme court justice J F Crater legally declared dead
  • 1939 The ship MS St. Louis, carrying 907 Jewish refugees from Europe, begins sailing back to the continent after it was refused entry into America. Approximately a quarter of those on board would perish in the Holocaust.
  • 1941 1st US Navy vessel constructed as mine layer, USS Terror (CM-5) launched from the Philadelphia Navy Yard
  • 1941 MLB New York Giants use plastic batting helmets for 1st time
  • 1942 1st nylon parachute jump (Hartford Ct-Adeline Gray)

Sports History

1942 74th Belmont: Eddie Arcaro aboard Shut Out wins in 2:29.2

  • 1942 Japanese forces retreat, ending Battle of Midway
  • 1942 Japanese troop land on Kiska, Aleutians


1944 Operation Overlord: As part of the D-Day landings, the 82nd Airborne Division arrives at the French town of Sainte-Mère-Église

  • 1944 World War II: All Major League Baseball games are cancelled in honor of the D-Day landings in northern France
  • 1944 Operation Overlord: D-Day begins as the 156,000-strong Allied Expeditionary Force lands in Normandy, France, during World War II
  • 1944 German submarines U-955, U-970, U-629 and U-373 sink in Bay of Biscay
  • 1944 Alaska Airlines commences operations
  • 1945 "Free People" premieres in Amsterdam
  • 1946 Henry Morgan is 1st to take off shirt on TV
  • 1946 The Basketball Association of America is formed in New York City
  • 1947 Treaty drawn up for establishment of International Patent Institute
  • 1949 "It Pays To Be Ignorant" game show debut on CBS-TV
  • 1949 WKY (now KTVY) TV channel 4 in Oklahoma City, OK (NBC) 1st broadcast
  • 1949 Orapin Chaiyakan becomes the first Thai woman to be elected to the Parliament of Thailand
  • 1950 German DR & Poland sign treaty about Oder-Neisse border
  • 1950 Turkey: The Adhan in Arabic is legalized.
  • 1951 1st Berlin International Film Festival opens
  • 1956 David Marshall, Singapore's first Chief Minister, resigns.
  • 1958 Ozzie Virgil is 1st black to play as a Tiger

Historic Event

1958 French Prime Minister Charles de Gaulle says Algeria will always be French

  • 1960 Roy Orbison releases "Only the Lonely"
  • 1960 South African police kill 11 Pondo's at Nqusa Hill

Television Finale

1960 "Steve Allen Show" last airs on NBC-TV

Music History

1962 The Beatles meet their producer George Martin for the first time and record "Besame Mucho" with Pete Best on drums

  • 1963 Gasunie, Dutch gas and transportation company established
  • 1964 96th Belmont: Manuel Ycaza aboard Quadrangle wins in 2:28.6
  • 1964 The Beatles arrive in Netherlands
  • 1964 Under a temporary order, the rocket launches at Cuxhaven, Germany, are terminated, though they never resume
  • 1965 Rolling Stones release single "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"
  • 1965 Yankees Tom Tresh bangs 3 consecutive HRs beating White Sox 12-0

Historic Event

1966 Civil rights activist James Meredith wounded by white sniper in Mississippi

  • 1966 Gemini 9 completes 45 orbits after rendezvous with "angry alligator"
  • 1966 NFL & AFL announce their merger
  • 1966 Stokely Carmichael launches "Black Power" movement
  • 1968 WKHA TV channel 35 in Hazard, KY (PBS) begins broadcasting

Historic Event

1968 Senator Robert F. Kennedy dies from his wounds after he was shot the previous night

Sports History

1969 Joe Namath resigns from NFL after Pete Rozelle, football commissioner, said he must sell his stake in a bar

  • 1970 102nd Belmont: John Rotz aboard High Echelon wins in 2:34
  • 1970 French Open Women's Tennis: Margaret Court beats Helga Niessen Niessen of Germany 6-2, 6-4 for 2nd leg of her successful Grand Slam
  • 1971 Air West flight 706 collides with a US Marine Corps F-4B Phantom jet over Los Angeles killing all 49 aboard the DC-6 and the pilot of the F-4B

Music History

1971 John Lennon and Yoko Ono unannounced appearance at Fillmore East in NYC

  • 1971 Soyuz 11 takes 3 cosmonauts to Salyut 1 space station
  • 1971 WHAE (now WGNX) TV channel 46 in Atlanta, Georgia (CBN) begins broadcasting

Baseball Record

1971 Willie Mays hits record 22nd (& last) extra inning HR

French Open Men's Tennis

1971 French Open Men's Tennis: Defending champion Jan Kodeš of Czechoslovakia beats Ilie Năstase of Romania 8-6, 6-2, 2-6, 7-5

Television Finale

1971 Final broadcast of "The Ed Sullivan Show" (a repeat from 7 February) on CBS-TV

Album Release

1972 David Bowie releases his breakthrough album "The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars"

  • 1972 Explosion at world's largest coal mine kills 427 (Wankie, Rhodesia)
  • 1972 Gold hits record $60 an ounce in London
  • 1972 US bombs Haiphong, North-Vietnam; 1000s killed
  • 1974 47th National Spelling Bee: Julie Ann Junkin wins spelling hydrophyte
  • 1974 A new Instrument of Government is promulgated making Sweden a parliamentary monarchy
  • 1975 British voters decide to remain in Common Market

Sports History

1975 Nolan Ryan's bid for 2nd no-hitter broken in 6th inning

  • 1975 Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam established
  • 1976 30th NBA Championship: Boston Celtics beat Phoenix Suns, 4 games to 2
  • 1976 "The Omen" premieres in the UK
  • 1977 "Washington Post" reports US has developed neutron bomb
  • 1977 Doobie Brothers sponsor a Golf Classic & Concert at Calabasas Park Country Club & Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles to benefit the United Way
  • 1977 Joseph L Howze installed as bishop of Roman Catholic diocese (Miss)
  • 1977 Supreme Court tosses out automatic death penalty laws
  • 1978 Proposition 13 cuts California property taxes 57%

Television Premiere

1978 US TV news program "20/20", created by Roone Arledge premieres on ABC

  • 1979 200th running of horse's Derby in England
  • 1979 Royal Air Force receives 1st F-16
  • 1979 Willie Horton becomes 43rd player to hit 300 HRs in the majors
  • 1981 113th Belmont: George Martens aboard Summing wins in 2:29
  • 1981 Maya Yang Lin wins competition to design the Vietnam War Memorial
  • 1981 A passenger train travelling between Mansi and Saharsa, India, jumps the tracks at a bridge crossing the Bagmati river, killing 268 officially with another 300 or more missing

French Open Women's Tennis

1981 French Open Women's Tennis: Czech teenager Hana Mandlíková beats Sylvia Hanika of Germany 6-2, 6-4 for her only French singles crown

  • 1982 30,000 Israeli troops invade Lebanon to drive out the PLO
  • 1982 36th Tony Awards: Life & Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby & Nine win
  • 1982 Bernard Glassman installed as abbot of Zen Center of NY

French Open Men's Tennis

1982 French Open Men's Tennis: Mats Wilander of Sweden wins his first career Grand Slam title; beats Guillermo Vilas of Argentina 1-6, 7-6, 6-0, 6-4

  • 1983 17th Music City News Country Awards: Marty Robbins & Roy Acuff win
  • 1983 Bottle with note of June 9, 1910 found in Queensland

Daytime Emmy Awards

1983 Emmy 10th Daytime Award presentation - Susan Lucci loses for 4th time

Historic Event

1983 Li Xiannian becomes President of the People's Republic of China and Deng Xiaoping the supreme commander

  • 1983 Nicaragua expels 3 US diplomats
  • 1983 Twins draft pitcher Tim Belcher #1

Film Premier

1983 "Octopussy", 13th James Bond film, starring Roger Moore, Maud Adams and Louis Jourdan premieres in London

Daytime Emmy Awards

1983 Betty White becomes 1st woman to win Outstanding Game Show Host at Daytime Emmy Awards for NBC's "Just Men"

  • 1984 1,200 die in Sikh "Golden Temple" uprising India
  • 1984 Video game Tetris is first released in the Soviet Union by Alexey Pajitnov
  • 1985 58th National Spelling Bee: Balu Natarajan wins spelling milieu
  • 1985 Body of Nazi concentration camp doctor Dr Josef Mengele located and exhumed
  • 1985 Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts "status" of Aruba
  • 1985 Soyuz T-13 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 7 space station
  • 1986 Jurgen Schull sets world discus record (74.07 m)
  • 1986 Kathy Ormsby, a 21-year-old member of NC State track team jumps off a bridge permanently paralyzing herself

Album Release

1986 "Storms of Life" debut album by Randy Travis is released (Billboard Album of the Year, 1987)

  • 1987 119th Belmont: Craig Perret aboard Bet Twice wins in 2:28.2
  • 1987 NY Yankees play their 13,000th game

French Open Women's Tennis

1987 French Open Women's Tennis: 17 year old German Steffi Graf beats World #1 Martina Navratilova 6-4, 4-6, 8-6; Graf's first Grand Slam victory

  • 1988 22nd Music City News Country Awards: Randy Travis & Statler Brothers win
  • 1988 3 giant turtles found in Bronx sewage plant
  • 1988 George H. W. Bush makes campaign promise to support reparations for WW II to Japanese-American internees (promise broken, May 1989)
  • 1989 Mets turn their 1st triple play in 7 years but lose to Cubs 8-4
  • 1990 2nd International Rock Awards
  • 1990 For 2nd time this season, Cecil Fielder belts 3 home runs in a game
  • 1990 Stump Merrill replaces Bucky Dent as NY Yankee manager
  • 1991 Albert Belle is shipped to minors for not running out a ground ball
  • 1991 Dana Plato receives 6 yr suspended sentence for robbing a video store

Film & TV History

1991 NBC announces Jay Leno will succeed Johnny Carson as host on "The Tonight Show" on May 25, 1992