Historical Events on March 10 (Part 2)

  • 2016 Twelfth Republican presidential candidates debate hosted by CNN, held in Coral Gables, Florida

Event of Interest

2017 South Korean judges uphold parliaments' decision to impeach President Park Geun-hye

  • 2018 16 people die after being struck by lightning at a church in Nyaruguru District, Rwanda
  • 2018 Two girls aged 8 and 6 become the first female weightlifters to appear on Iranian television after a protest
  • 2019 Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 crashes just after take-off from Addis Ababa, killing all 157 on board
  • 2019 Taliban force attacks Afghan army base killing or capturing about 50 soldiers in Badghis Province, Afghanistan

COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 New York governor Andrew Cuomo deploys the national guard to New Rochelle after one-mile radius zone established as 108 cases of COVID-19 detected

Event of Interest

2020 Russian lower house of Parliament passes legislation to allow Vladimir Putin to hold office of President for life

COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 Three months into the COVID-19 epidemic Chinese President Xi Jinping finally travels to Wuhan, epicenter of the outbreak as the rate of daily new infections declines in China falls to 19 new cases and 17 deaths

Appointment of Interest

2021 Merrick Garland confirmed as US Attorney General by US Senate

  • 2021 Video gaming platform Roblox goes public on the New York stock exchange, valued at $45 billion
  • 2022 After a 99-day lockout, Major League Baseball and MLB Players Association reach a new collective bargaining agreement; MLB teams set to play full 162 game season in 2022
  • 2022 True global death toll from COVID-19 estimated at 18.2 million in new study by Washington University [1]
  • 2023 Arch rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to re-establish diplomatic ties between them in a surprise move, after talks in Beijing [1]
  • 2023 California's Silicon Valley Bank, the main bank for tech-start ups, collapses after a sudden bank run and credit crisis - largest US bank fail since 2008 [1]
  • 2023 Gary Lineker, the BBC’s highest-paid presenter, suspended for tweeting UK government's immigration policy a "immeasurably cruel policy directed at the most vulnerable people in language that is not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 30s”. [1]
  • 2023 Researchers in Singapore name newly discovered cockroach after the Pokemon character Pheromosa (Nocticola pheromosa) [1]
  • 2023 Thai health authorities report 1.3 million people have suffered air pollution-related diseases in 2023 in northern Thailand due to smog nearly 125 times WHO standards from farm burning and forest fires [1]
  • 2023 Xi Jinping appointed to a historic third term as President of China (previously restricted to two terms) [1]