Historical Events on March 27 (Part 2)

Golf Major

2005 Kraft Nabisco Championship Women's Golf, Mission Hills CC: Annika Sörenstam of Sweden wins event for the 3rd time, 8 strokes ahead of American Rosie Jones

Grey's Anatomy

2005 TV medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" created by Shonda Rhimes starring Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh debuts on ABC

  • 2006 The United Nations Commission on Human Rights holds its final meeting.
  • 2009 Situ Gintung, an artificial lake in Indonesia, fails killing at least 99 people.

Historic Publication

2012 Danielle Steel’s novel “Betrayal” is published

  • 2012 On This Day launches a sister site in Spanish, Hoy en la Historia
  • 2013 12 people are killed in the Philippines after a mini-tornado causes a boat to capsize
  • 2014 UN General Assembly condemns Russia's annexation of Crimea
  • 2015 Russia's Soyuz TMA-16M launches to deliver three crew members to the international space station to research the long-term effects of micro gravity
  • 2016 Suicide bomb kills more than 70 people at a park in Lahore, Pakistan, Taliban connected Jamaat-ul-Ahrar claim responsibility
  • 2019 Facebook bans white nationalism and white supremacy following criticism that Christchurch terrorist able to live-stream his attack

Event of Interest

2019 Former president of the Gambia Yahya Jammeh stole almost 1 billion from his country before his exile in 2017 according to a corruption report

Event of Interest

2019 Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces the country is now a "space power" after successfully shooting down a satellite from space in a ballistic missile test

  • 2019 UK Prime Minister Theresa May promises to stand down if parliament accepts her Brexit plan
  • 2019 US Special Council Robert S. Mueller writes a letter to US Attorney William Barr regarding Barr's summary of the Mueller Report stating Barr's letter "did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance" of the findings. "There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. This threatens to undermine a central purpose for which the Department appointed the Special Counsel: to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations."

Event of Interest

2020 $2.2 trillion stimulus package, largest in US history, signed into law by President Donald Trump saying "I never signed anything with a 'T' on it"

COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces he has contracted COVID-19 but will continue to lead the country "thanks to the wizardry of modern technology" while in self-isolation

  • 2021 114 people including children killed in one day by armed forces in Myanmar, with more than 420 killed since protests began against the military coup [1]
  • 2021 Iran and China sign major agreement guaranteeing Chinese investment of $400 billion and Iranian oil supply in return in Tehran [1]
  • 2021 Militants attack the town of Palma, northern Mozambique, killing dozens in an escalation of violence in the area

Academy Awards

2022 94th Academy Awards: "CODA" wins best film, best director Jane Campion, best actress Jessica Chastain, best actor Will Smith who also controversially slaps host Chris Rock live on stage [1]

  • 2022 China announces Shanghai will be locked down in two stages over nine days affecting 25 million people to carry out COVID-19 testing [1]

Event of Interest

2022 Duke and Duchess of Cambridge end an eight-day tour of Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas that highlighted issues of decolonization and calls for slave reparations [1]

  • 2022 El Salvador's parliament declares a state of emergency after 62 gang killings in one day [1]
  • 2023 At least 40 people are killed and 28 injured in a fire at a migrant detention center in Ciudad Juárez on the Mexican US border, amid large numbers of migrants gathering on the Mexican border [1]
  • 2023 Convicted rapist fakes his own death by pretending to set himself alight (in reality kills someone else) to escape from prison in South Africa, sparking large manhunt [1]
  • 2023 Female shooter kills three children and three adults at private Christian school Convent Elementary, in Nashville, Tennessee, before being shot and killed - 19th US school shooting in three months [1]
  • 2023 Germany experiences one of its largest strikes in decades, bringing public transport comes to an almost complete halt, amid calls for higher wages [1]
  • 2023 Humza Yousaf elected leader of Scottish SNP party as first ethnic minority leader of a devolved government and first Muslim to lead a major UK party

Netanyahu Pauses Judicial Reform

2023 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu announces pause of key part of controversial plans to overhaul the justice system after massive protests and the country's largest trade union goes on strike [1]

  • 2023 Possibility of bases on the Moon becomes greater possibility after 300 billion tonnes of water, stored in glass beads on Moon's surface, identified in lunar soil samples collected by China’s Chang’e-5 [1]
  • 2134 32nd predicted perihelion passage of Halley's Comet