On This Day

Historical Events on March 4

Roman Empire

51 Nero, later to become Roman Emperor, is given the title princeps iuventutis (head of the youth)

  • 306 Martyrdom of Saint Adrian of Nicomedia
  • 852 Croatian Duke Trpimir I issued a statute, a document with the first known written mention of the Croats name in Croatian sources.
  • 938 Translation of the relics of martyr Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia, the patron saint of the Czech state

Election of Interest

1152 Frederick I Barbarossa elected Holy Roman Emperor

Historic Event

1215 King John of England makes an oath to the Pope as a crusader to gain the support of Innocent III.

  • 1238 Battle of the Sit River: Mongol forces of Batu Khan overcome Russians under Yuri II of Vladimir-Suzdal near Yaroslavl in Russia, ending Russian resistance
  • 1351 Ramathibodi becomes King of Siam
  • 1386 Władysław II Jagiełło (Jogaila) crowned King of Poland
  • 1461 Edward Plantagenet lays claim to the throne of England as Edward IV in London
  • 1492 King James IV of Scotland concludes an alliance with France against England.

Historic Event

1522 Anne Boleyn makes her debut at the English court at the Green Castle pageant

  • 1570 King Philip II bans foreign Dutch students
  • 1590 Mauritius of Nassau's ship reaches Breda
  • 1611 George Abbot appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
  • 1621 Jacarta, Java, renamed Batavia

Historic Event

1628 England's King Charles I grants a royal charter to Massachusetts Bay Colony

Declaration of War

1665 English King Charles II declares war on Netherlands

Appointment of Interest

1675 John Flamsteed appointed 1st Astronomer Royal of England

Historic Event

1681 English Quaker William Penn receives charter from Charles II, making him sole proprietor of colonial American territory Pennsylvania

  • 1699 Jews are expelled from Lübeck, Germany
  • 1741 British fleet under Rear Admiral of the Blue Sir Chaloner Ogle reaches Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

Historic Event

1774 First sighting of Orion nebula (William Herschel)

  • 1776 American War of Independence: The Americans capture Dorchester Heights dominating the port of Boston, Massachusetts

Constitution of the United States

1789 1st US Congress meets and declares constitution in effect (9 senators, 13 reps)

  • 1789 US House of Representatives 1st full meeting, NYC, F Muhlenberg 1st speaker
  • 1790 France is divided into 83 départements, which cut across the former provinces in an attempt to dislodge regional loyalties based on noble ownership of land.
  • 1791 First Jewish member of US Congress, Israel Jacobs (PA), takes office
  • 1791 President Washington calls the US Senate into its first special session
  • 1791 Vermont admitted as 14th state (1st addition to the 13 colonies)
  • 1792 Oranges introduced to Hawaii
  • 1793 French troops conquer Geertruidenberg, Netherlands
  • 1793 Washington's 2nd inauguration as US President, shortest speech (133 words)

President Inaugurated

1797 John Adams inaugurated as 2nd President of The United States, Thomas Jefferson 2nd Vice President

  • 1798 Catholic women force to do penance for kindling sabbath fire for Jews
  • 1804 The Battle of Vinegar Hill, colony of New South Wales (Australia), when Irish convicts (some of whom had been involved in Ireland's Battle of Vinegar Hill in 1798) led the colony's only significant convict uprising.

President Inaugurated

1809 James Madison becomes 1st US President inaugurated in American-made clothes

President Inaugurated

1817 James Monroe is inaugurated as the 5th President of the United States

  • 1824 The "National Institution for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck" founded in the United Kingdom, later to be renamed The Royal National Lifeboat Institution in 1858.

President Inaugurated

1825 John Quincy Adams inaugurated as the 6th US President

  • 1826 1st US railroad chartered, Granite Railway in Quincy, Massachusetts

President Inaugurated

1829 Andrew Jackson inaugurated as 7th US President

  • 1829 Unruly crowd mobs White House during President Jackson inaugural ball
  • 1830 Vincenzo Bellini's opera "I Capuleti e i Montecchi" premieres in Venice
  • 1835 HMS Beagle moves into Bay of Concepcion

President Inaugurated

1837 Martin Van Buren inaugurated as the 8th President of the United States

  • 1837 Weekly Advocate changes its name to the Colored American
  • 1837 Chicago becomes incorporated as a city

Theater Premiere

1841 Dion Boucicault's play "London Assurance" premieres in London

President Inaugurated

1841 Longest US presidential inauguration speech (8,443 words), William Henry Harrison

President Inaugurated

1845 James K. Polk inaugurated as 11th US President

  • 1846 8th Grand National: William Taylor aboard outsider Pioneer wins by 3 lengths from Culverthorpe
  • 1848 Sardinia-Piemonte gets new Constitution
  • 1848 Carlo Alberto di Savoia signs the Statuto Albertino that will later represent the first constitution of the Regno d'Italia

President Inaugurated

1849 US President Zachary Taylor delays his swearing-in and inauguration ceremony for one day due to religious reasons, rising to the false belief by some that Senator David Atchison (President pro tempore) technically assumed the office of President for one day

  • 1853 Pope Pius IX recovers Catholic hierarchy in Netherlands
  • 1853 William Rufus de Vane King (D) sworn in as 13th US VP
  • 1857 19th Grand National: Charlie Boyce wins aboard Emigrant at 10/1
  • 1861 Confederate States adopt "Stars & Bars" flag (US Civil War)

President Inaugurated

1861 Abraham Lincoln is inaugurated as the 16th US President

  • 1861 US President Abraham Lincoln opens Government Printing Office
  • 1863 Battle of Thompson's Station, TN
  • 1863 Territory of Idaho established
  • 1865 Confederate congress approves final design of "official flag"

John Wilkes Booth at Lincoln's Inauguration

1865 Abraham Lincoln inaugurated for his 2nd term as US President. The man who would assassinate him weeks later, John Wilkes Booth, is photographed attending the inauguration.

  • 1868 30th Grand National: George Ede victorious aboard Irish 9/1 shot The Lamb; horse wins second GN in 1871

President Inaugurated

1869 Ulysses S. Grant inaugurated as 18th US President


1870 On command of Louis Riel, Thomas Scott is executed by a firing squad. Riel rejects all appeals and requests to intervene in an attempt to demonstrate to the Canadian government that the Métis must be taken seriously

  • 1876 US Congress decides to impeach Minister of War Belknap
  • 1877 Tchaikovski's incomplete ballet "Zwanenmeer" premieres in Moscow

Music History

1877 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's ballet "Swan Lake" has its world premiere, performed by the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow

  • 1880 NY Daily Graphic publishes 1st half-tone engraving, by S H Horgan
  • 1881 California becomes 1st state to pass plant quarantine legislation
  • 1881 Holmes & Watson begin "A Study in Scarlet", 1st case together

President Inaugurated

1881 James A. Garfield inaugurated as the 20th President of the United States of America

  • 1881 South African president Kruger accepts ceasefire
  • 1882 Britain's first electric trams run in East London.

Historic Event

1885 Grover Cleveland inaugrated as 1st US Democratic President since Civil War

President Inaugurated

1889 Benjamin Harrison inaugurated as 23rd US President

Historic Event

1890 Longest bridge in Great Britain, the Forth Bridge (railway) at 1,710 ft in length is opened in Scotland by the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII

  • 1893 Francis Dhanis' army attacks the Lualaba, occupies Nyangwe
  • 1893 Grover Cleveland (D) inaugrated as 24th US President (2nd term)
  • 1894 Great fire in Shanghai; over 1,000 buildings destroyed
  • 1895 Gustav Mahler's 2nd Symphony premieres in Berlin

President Inaugurated

1897 William McKinley inaugurated as 25th US President

  • 1899 Cyclone Mahina sweeps in north of Cooktown, Queensland, with a 12 m wave that reaches up to 5 km inland - over 300 dead.
  • 1901 1st advanced copy of inaugural speech (Jefferson-National Intelligencer)
  • 1901 William McKinley inaugurated for 2nd term as US president; Theodore Roosevelt serves as Vice President
  • 1901 Term of George H White, last of post-Reconstruction congressmen, ends
  • 1902 American Automobile Association (AAA) founded in Chicago
  • 1903 Stanley Cup, Montreal Arena, Westmount, Quebec: Montreal HC beats Winnipeg Victorias, 4-1 for a 2-1 challenge series victory

Theater Premiere

1905 Gerhart Hauptmann's play "Elga" premieres in Berlin

  • 1908 Primary school catches fire in Collingwood, Ohio (180 killed)

Historic Event

1909 William Howard Taft inaugrated as 27th US President during 10" snowstorm

  • 1909 US prohibits interstate transportation of game birds
  • 1911 Victor Berger (Wisc) becomes 1st socialist congressman in US
  • 1913 1st US law regulating the shooting of migratory birds passed
  • 1913 US Department of Commerce & Labor split into separate departments
  • 1913 Gabriel Faure's opera "Penelope" premieres in Monte Carlo
  • 1913 NY Yankees are 1st to train outside US (Bermuda)

President Inaugurated

1913 Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as 28th US President

  • 1918 Terek Autonomous Republic established in RSFSR (until 1921)
  • 1920 Last day of Julian civil calendar in Greece
  • 1921 Hot Springs National Park created in Arkansas

President Inaugurated

1921 Warren G. Harding is inaugurated as the 29th President of the United States

Film Premiere

1922 1st vampire film "Nosferatu", an un-authorized adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula, premieres at the Berlin Zoological Garden, Germany

Historic Event

1923 Lenin's last article in Pravda (about Soviet bureaucracy)

  • 1924 "Happy Birthday To You" published by Claydon Sunny
  • 1925 US President Coolidge's inauguration broadcast live on 21 radio stations
  • 1925 Swain's Island (near American Samoa) annexed by US
  • 1926 De Geer government in Netherlands takes office

Contract of Interest

1927 Babe Ruth becomes the highest-paid player in MLB history when he signs 3-year, $70,000 per season contract with the New York Yankees

  • 1928 "Bunion Run" race from LA to NYC begins; It is won by Andy Payne
  • 1929 Charles Curtis (R-Kansas) becomes 1st native American VP

President Inaugurated

1929 Herbert Hoover inaugurated as 31st US President

  • 1930 Coolidge Dam in Arizona dedicated
  • 1930 Emma Fahning bowls 1st sanctioned 300 game by a woman
  • 1930 Terrible floods ransack Languedoc and the surrounds in south-west France, resulting in twelve departments being submerged by water and causing the death of over 700 people.

Sports History

1931 Don Bradman is bowled for a rare first ball duck by Herman Griffith (4-50) on the last day of 5th cricket Test vs West Indies in Sydney; Windies win by 31 runs but lose series to Australia, 4-1

  • 1931 West Indies beat Australia for the 1st time, by 30 runs at SCG
  • 1933 Chancellor Dollfuss dissolves Austrian parliament
  • 1933 Frances Perkins becomes Secretary of Labor, 1st female member of the US Cabinet
  • 1933 Henderson, DeSylva & Brown's "Strike Me Pink" premieres in NYC
  • 1933 Noordwijk soccer team forms

President Inaugurated

1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurated as 32nd US President, pledges to pull US out of the Depression, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself"

  • 1934 Easter Cross on Mt. Davidson (San Francisco) dedicated

Hindenburg Disaster

1936 1st flight of the airship Hindenburg at Friedrichshafen, Germany

Academy Awards

1937 9th Academy Awards: "The Great Ziegfeld", Paul Muni & Luise Rainer wins

  • 1941 18 Geuzen resistance fighters sentenced to death in The Hague
  • 1941 Chicago Black Hawks goaltender Sam LoPresti faces NHL record 83 shots in a 3-2 loss to the Bruins in Boston

Historic Event

1941 Serbian Prince Paul visits Adolf Hitler

  • 1941 The United Kingdom launches Operation Claymore on the Lofoten Islands, during World War II.
  • 1943 Transport #50 departs with French Jews to Maidanek/Sobibor
  • 1944 1st US bombing of Berlin
  • 1944 Anti-Germany strikes in North Italy
  • 1945 Finland declares war on Nazi Germany

Historic Event

1945 In the United Kingdom, Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II, joins the British Auxiliary Transport Service as a driver.

  • 1947 WWJ (now WDIV) TV channel 4 in Detroit, MI (NBC) begins broadcasting

Historic Event

1949 Andrei Vishinsky succeeds Molotov as Soviet Foreign minister

  • 1949 Piet Van de Pol (Neth) becomes world champion billiard player
  • 1949 Security Council of UN recommends membership for Israel
  • 1954 James E. Wilkins appointed 1st black US sub-cabinet member
  • 1954 Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, announces the first successful kidney transplant.
  • 1955 1st radio facsimile transmission sent across the continent
  • 1957 The S&P 500 stock market index is introduced, replacing the S&P 90.
  • 1959 US Pioneer IV misses Moon & becomes 2nd (US 1st) artificial planet
  • 1960 French freighter "La Coubre" explodes in Havana Cuba, killing 100
  • 1961 Paul-Henri Spaak resigns as Secretary-General of NATO
  • 1961 8th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: Wake Forest beats Duke, 96-81
  • 1962 AEC announces 1st atomic power plant in Antarctica in operation
  • 1964 Jimmy Hoffa convicted of jury tampering
  • 1965 David Attenbrough became the new controller of BBC2
  • 1966 Canadian Pacific airliner explodes on landing at Tokyo, 64 die

Music History

1966 John Lennon says "We (the Beatles) are more popular than Jesus"

  • 1966 North Sea Gas 1st pumped ashore by BP
  • 1967 Ice Dance Championship at Vienna won by Towler & Ford (GRB)
  • 1967 Ice Pairs Championship at Vienna won by Belousova & Protopopov (USSR)
  • 1967 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Vienna won by Emmerich Danzer (AUT)
  • 1967 Worlds Ladies' Figure Skating Champion in Vienna won by Peggy Fleming (US)

Boxing Title Fight

1968 Joe Frazier takes his record to 20-0 and captures vacant world heavyweight boxing title; stops Buster Mathis in 11th round TKO at Madison Square Garden, NYC

Historic Event

1968 Martin Luther King Jr. announces plans for Poor People's Campaign

  • 1968 Orbiting Geophysical Observatory 5 launched

Music Awards

1968 3rd Academy of Country Music Awards: Glen Campbell and Lynn Anderson win

  • 1968 Italian boxer Nino Benvenuti regains world middleweight title with a 15-round points decision over American champion Emile Griffith at Madison Square Garden, NY; last of famous trilogy of fights
  • 1969 London East End gang bosses twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray are found guilty of murder. Both will die in captivity.
  • 1970 French submarine "Eurydice" explodes off Cape Camarat in the Mediterranean, all 57 crew lost
  • 1970 Jacksonville is 1st college basketball team to avg 100+ pts per game
  • 1970 NY Rangers set then NHL record of 126 games without being shut-out
  • 1971 "City Command" kidnaps 4 US military men at Ankara, Turkey
  • 1972 Erhard Keller (Germany) skates world record 1000m (1:18.5)
  • 1972 Last train run between Penrith to Keswick, UK
  • 1972 Libya & USSR signs cooperation treaty
  • 1972 Abercorn Restaurant bombing: a bomb explodes in a crowded restaurant in Belfast, killing two civilians and wounding 130
  • 1973 15th Grammy Awards: 1st Time Ever I Saw Your Face, America
  • 1974 David Hares' "Knuckle" premieres in London
  • 1976 John Pezzin bowls 33 consecutive strikes at Toledo, Ohio
  • 1976 MLB's San Francisco Giants are bought for $8 million by Bob Lurie and Bud Herseth

Film and TV Awards

1976 2nd People's Choice Awards: John Wayne & Katharine Hepburn win (Motion Picture) and Telly Savalas & Carol Burnett win (TV)

  • 1977 1st CRAY 1 supercomputer shipped, to Los Alamos Laboratories, NM
  • 1977 West Indian cricket fast bowler Colin Croft takes 8-29 against Pakistan in 2nd Test win at Port-of-Spain; best Test figures by a pace bowler from the West Indies
  • 1977 Earthquake in Romania kills 1,541
  • 1977 Roger Sessions' 6th Symphony premieres (in fully completed form) in New York City with José Serebrier conducting the Juilliard Orchestra
  • 1978 Chicago Daily News, founded in 1875, publishes last issue
  • 1978 25th ACC Men's Basketball Tournament: Duke beats Wake Forest, 85-77
  • 1979 "Grand Tour" closes at Palace Theater NYC after 61 performances
  • 1979 200th episode of "All in the Family"
  • 1979 US Voyager I photo reveals Jupiter's rings
  • 1979 "The Ordeal of Patty Hearst", television movie directed by Paul Wendkos, premieres on CBS

Catholic Encyclical

1979 Pope John Paul II publishes his first encyclical "Redemptor Hominis"

Sports History

1980 40th hat trick in Islander history-Mike Bossy

Election of Interest

1980 Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union - Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) comes to power, winning the parliamentary election in Zimbabwe, making Mugabe Zimbabwe's first black prime minister

  • 1982 2nd double hat trick in Islander history-Bossy & D Potvin
  • 1982 NASA launches Intelsat V satellite, no. 504
  • 1982 Bertha Wilson is appointed as first woman to sit on the Supreme Court of Canada
  • 1983 U.S. Public Health Service's publishes its guidelines for blood donors and AIDS
  • 1984 Pee Wee Reese & Rick Ferrell elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame

Sports History

1984 Tennis legend Martina Navratilova retains her WTA Tour Championship in NYC; beats Chris Evert 6–3, 7–5, 6–1 for her 5th overall Championship title